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And now, finally, I talk about Booker. And then I GO TO BED.

So... the first little bit of the first episode of Booker? Totally made it worth it to buy the entire series from some dude over the Net. Oh yes. Because Penhall and Booker are in a bar where Booker works as a bouncer, and they wind up getting their asses kicked (together!) and lying dazed in the street (next to each other!). Also, gave us this BRILLIANT line, as Dennis Booker goes up to help a waitress being hassled by a giant mountain-man type: "We came to a bar where the bouncer is a 160 pound guy named Denny? What is this, the Twilight Zone?"

And then he gets thrown across the room into a table in front of Penhall. Penhall, mildly, as he sips his drink: "You know, I think you should quit hitting him with your face."

Oh, Booker. Boooooooooooker. I love you.

Now, off to bed. For I have domestic violence practicals in the morning and God how weird is that sentence anyway?

(PS: Look at cute kid!Booker in my mood!)
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