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"We were completely blindsided."

Spoilers for the latest Crossing Jordan.

The episode hasn't even started, and I already know one thing I shall be annoyed by: there's no Seely in this episode. Damn me and my need to spoil myself, but still.

That was an interesting opening.

Oh God. I think that was possibly the worst scene I've seen on any crime show. The bodies of little kids just strewn about?

"We were completely blindsided." Explosion.
Okay, I know I'm a bad person, but that made me giggle.

Okay, so maybe Lu isn't part of the cast, since she just got guest-starring credit, not a starring credit.

City of Denver is on accident alert. That's... slightly ironic.

"Sorry your kid is dead, here, have a doughnut!" Oh, Bug.

She was due Wednesday? Jeez.

Aw. I like Jordan's teary-voice. Sniff. Makes me want to cry.

"So how's your love life these days? You seeing anyone?"
"You asking me out, Howard?"

BATS! I've heard about BATS before! Thank you, ATF website. And my lack of life-having-ness.

I'm not sure I can take another 45 minutes of this.

Woody's red shirt makes him look a little gay.

"I'm just not as interesting as you, am I?"

Ah, so we get to have an extra Macy-Lily conflict. And something weird happening with Lu.

Oh no. Let me guess. Lu had a miscarriage/child (daughter, probably) who died/sister who died/et cetera who died.

Aw. The wall of kids. That makes me sad.

Aw, Bug.
"Why do you suppose that is?"

Is Bug referring to him finally getting over Lily? Or just randomly changing?

"Once again, lubricant saves the day." Oh, Nigel.

Mary Tyler Moore? Jeez, Nige.

"So what you're trying to say is you're Mary Tyler Moore." HAHA.

HAHA. I love the psychiatrist's joke.
"You might want to work on your timing."

Oh, man. I so don't want to watch this part. Even if we don't see much of anything. WHICH WE JUST DID. Oh, man.

Abby spent time in NICU? Huh.

Abby had a twin brother who died? Whoa. Whoooooooa.

Gah, Woody. Let's stop setting up triangle #2. And/or, #9242280350275934. Depending on whether I'm talking this season, or over the entire series.

"What's right in between 'frustrating' and 'weird'?" HAHA!

"It wasn't my job to find the bomber." Hey, maybe Matt's finally getting through to her! But yeah, I doubt it.

That's interesting. Note to self: quit visiting bomb-making websites, the last thing a sixteen year old needs is to come under government suspicion. Note to any federal agents reading this: Joke! I'm joking! It's a lot easier to get good bomb-building info out of books at the library than off the Internet, anyway.

Uh oh. Did Lily go behind Macy's back?

I knew the dad would say "He's beautiful". They ALWAYS do.

Aw, poor Macy.

"Never understood that story. Just seemed like God had a cruel sense of humor."

I actually like Lily here.

"Yeah, well, thanks for nothin'!"

"Someone payed attention in English Lit."
"I... looked it up on the Internet."

Great. Yet another "nobody's gonna feel good when this is over" episode. Gotta love those. Or, rather, not feel good after those.

Flashforward!Woody needs a haircut.

Aaaah, a niece. Not daughter or sister. Niece. And now's the first time when tears really started for me.

Aaaand then they ruin it by making out. Sheesh.

Aw. And now I'm tearing up again, as Charlie's reunited with his mother.

THIS is forshadowing if I've ever heard it, I tell you what.

"Maybe life's not supposed to be that simple."

"Is that trite?"
"I hope not."

And then Nigel telling the psych a joke. Sheesh.

"And here I thought it meant 'employees must wash their hands'."

Next week, on an all-new Crossing Jordan: FIRE! And bad puns from narrarator-guy.

And now, old-school Law & Order: CI episodes on Bravo. Sweeeeet. And probably more feel-good. It's hard to be less feel-good, anyway.
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