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"Actually, that was my idea-OW! Will you stop doing that?!"

Spoilers for the latest Ehnsis.

That is... scarily like my school. And/or any high school ever. Up to the bomb thing, o'course. And I swear that Cody's enemy guy, I've seen him before somewhere.

SRT! I like acronyms.

That kid's fifteen? Makes sense. He looks like Dom.

McGee, your shoes are squeaking.

"I am here. We need to be stealthy."

I LOVE the look Ziva gave him at the 'new shoes' comment.

I like asthma girl's friend. "She has ASTHMA, Cody."

Huh, kid's smart.

He didn't exactly think this through, that's exactly what he's thinking right then.

"...I'll head back now."

Dude, school doors don't slam that fast.

Tony got a haircut.

Joe, that's enemy kid's name.

"Boss, you're not really going to send her back in there, are you? ...of course not."

Chess club. Junior UN. OF COURSE.

"...I'm gonna go back there and supervise."

"I don't trust anything controlled by a video game-thing."

What is ops guy (as I will call him from now on) wearing around his neck?


Commercials: Mike Wallace had depression?

"L-like they do on COPS!" Haha.

Wow, kid IS smart.

HAHA, Tony.

Aaah, Kody with a K.

"Sooo... what's your point?"

"There's nothing wrong with those things if you're an adult."

"I did not take my classroom hostage."
"Yeah, did you ever think about it?"

"I'm not stupid."

Grrrrrreat. Madame Director.

"JETHRO happened, Ducky."

"Jethro doesn't plan, Ducky. He follows his damn gut."

Hindrance, I'll say.

WWGD. Heh. Tony. I love you.

"What, because of snipers? They wouldn't shoot a kid."
"I wouldn't bet on it."

"Just stretchin' my legs."


"He always had an attitude problem." And then Tony makes an 'ooh, that'll come back to haunt me, dude' face.

Hey, Kody's dad is SART team guy from Oz! OMG! HE USED TO BE SOOOOO HOT. AND NOW HE'S OLD AND FAT. EEEEW.

"I'd say he's past the acting out stage!"

Exacerbate? Dude, Tony. Dictionary much?

"Well, it's the part where he wants to talk to her that's got us worried."

Oooh, nice, using Kate as the code word.

"How are you going to tell Agent Gibbs that his mother is dead?"
"I already did. Agent Todd is dead."

"If you don't trust me, I suggest you relieve, otherwise leave me alone." GO TONY! YES!

"Gibbs has rubbed off on him."
"That's a good thing."
"He's not Gibbs."
"No, but he's very capable."

"What? What was that for?"
"For not paying attention to me!"

"The bomb has GOT to be a fake. I hope."

"We should've thought of that HOURS ago."

"I'm not going to hit you!"

"Actually, that was my idea-OW! Will you stop doing that?!"


"NO ONE LEAVES. Do you get this?"

"Just like that. Head shot."
"Oh yeah."

"She's dead, Kody."
"I know - I know I saw her! Just- shut up!"

"He's a fifteen year old kid who misses his mom."

"It's a Gibbs thing. My gut."

AAAH, sign language.


Someone ELSE is hacking the computer.

"On it, boss! ...uh, Tony."
"He called me boss."
"He'll never live that down."
"Nope." Aw, I like that smile.

"Nautical, civilian, astronomical?"
"There are three."
"Before it gets dark."

"I hate standing around doing nothing while everyone else is doing something."
"Well, then, do something!"

"Not that boss, sir."
"He's the only boss I have!"
"Ah-ah-ah. You're forgetting the director."

Something he said tipped off Ducky, methinks.

"Doesn't make you Gibbs."

"You HAD to tell him we had her number."
"I know, I know. It wasn't-"
"-a mistake Gibbs would've made?"

"Negative, Probie. I got a better idea."

"This may actually work."
"Don't sound so surprised."

And then they slap each other.
"What was that?"
"McGee tripped."

"Guys. Phys ed major here."

"What's that one for?"
"For making Tony upset.

"If I tell you the truth, are you going to hit me again?"


"Not bad, DiNozzo, not bad at all."

"Freudian slip of the tongue, McGee."

"Half the movies today are about terrorists."

"Wait, wait. Stop taking. Shh. Anyone seen Gibbs?"

HAHA! Okay, I like that reveal. That was funny.

"Good to see I can still surprise you, Jethro." Aaand now I don't like her again.

Next week, on an all-new NCIS: It's a rerun! Bwah.

Ooh, now I wanna write fic!
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