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Userpicage, books, and VM'S FINALLY BACK!

I can now get 112 userpics. Hells yeah, dawgs. O'course, I only have 97 of those slots filled, but hey! All, save two, were made by me. I have 95 self-made icons right now. And those are only the ones I found decent enough to bother putting on Eljay. EDIT: Now up to 102 icons. 100 of which are mine. HOORAY!

Also, I started on the next chapter of one of my stories - FINALLY, FINALLY.

Got tons of books at the bookstore today. Mostly random books of useless facts. GREAT FUN TIMES, Y'ALL.

Hm, what's that? I forgot something? Like... THE TOTALLY AWESOME EPISODE OF VERONICA MARS?

Again, I did not keep running commentary. I do not need that to say that A: Dick is AWESOME; B: Lucas Grabeel (aka Kelly) is AWESOME; C: Lamb is AWESOME; and D: I now ship Dick/Kelly. OTP! OTP!

And dude. We now have two dead gay kids on the bus. Between that and the Veronica/Meg some people picked up on, maybe all the bus-dead were gay! Which reminds me (again): Marcos/Peter (?) OTP! Hah. I amuse myself. AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS.

That, and that Lamb referenced Big & Rich AND flipped off the camera. I LOVE YOU LAMB!
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