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Some spoilers for my shows

Sniff. I just watched the Criminal Intent episode "Happy Family", and I always tear up at the end, when the older brother is crying and saying "He didn't even raise a hand to stop me. He just kept asking why, why, and I couldn't tell him, because I didn't know! I didn't know!" Aw.

It seems they're casting Marisa Tomei as Johnny's ex-wife. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! This, plus the Johnny + Janet spoiler, means we are going to get TONS OF DEAN WINTERS HOORAY!

Interesting note about Marisa Tomei: she's playing the lead in 'Danika', which Kyle Gallner has a part in. I LOVE HOLLYWOOD SYNERGY!

Ahem. The next new episode, Necrophilia Americana, has Danny and Flack working together.

Episode after that, Live or Let Die, has Danny, Flack, Mac, and Hawkes working together. And, what? They expect me to pay attention to the other storyline? Pfft.

Now, for some s'mores using Peeps! Mm.
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