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"You put it that way, it almost sounds like fun!"

Spoilers for the latest In Justice.

Dude, Conti's drawers are as bad as mine.

"What are you doing?"
"Breaking into your cabinet. You?"
"Do you understand love, Charlie?"

"Oh... not good. She's had four kids."

And he just pulls out the tape recorder while being all melancholy over his first love. Bwah.

"But this just seems like busywork."
"That's because it'll keep you busy."

"You put it that way, it almost sounds like fun!"

"That was a... long time ago." BWAHA.

Rocca! Hoorah!

"What are your thoughts, Mr. Swain? Mr. Swain? Mr. Swain? I think we lost him."

HAHA! Wild Thing! BWAHA! And that cannot be safe driving.

Oops. That was not a good thing.

The guy playing Jake looks familiar. I cannae figure out why.

"There's also the roommate."
"Serenity." Bri and Bubba grin at each other. Aw.

DEAR! HEE! MARRIAGE COUNSELOR! "We've been having some issues with honesty."

"Are you interested in an intimacy seminar?"
"Yes!" "No."

"Oh my god, you found me out. Have a nice day."
"Wow. She scares me."

"There's over 600 names."
"Well, let's try winnowing it down to people in California."
"That IS California."

HAHA. The expression on Bri's face.

"Next to that man." Oh, Conti.

I like the dog demo. So cute.

HAH! It's all blacked out.

"Looks like someone got crazy with the Magic Marker."

"I mean, they're redacting adjectives!"

"He loves this stuff."
"He's a freak."

And Bubba jumps up!


"Oh my God, David, that is the worst thing I have ever heard."

I actually like Swain flirting with all these chicks. Most characters, I'd hate it, but it WORKS for him.

"Why do men always want to have this conversation with me?" HEE! I like her.

"Oh my God, you kept that thing?"

"Oh, and the statute of limitations for perjury has run out."

"That's it?"

Ooh, sucks to be them.

"That doesn't change the fact that he confessed."
"Yes it does."

She's gonna do it. She's gonna confess.

Aw, Conti's hot when he's upset. I love him.

I thought for a second that Conti was freaking out and hitting the fence, not prisoner dude.

Okay, it ain't endin' like this, we've still got twenty minutes.

"Did you hear that too?"
AW! They are so cute.

THEY BOTH KNEW THE GAME! I want to write fic for them. But first, I must figure out how to spell Bri's full name, and remember to call Bubba Jon. Even though he's always Bubba to me.

"I don't have an ethical anything, and neither do you. We're laborers in the field of law, so let's leave ideals out of it."

"Please, Swain, don't psychoanalyze me, I pay people to do that."

"Gooder reason as any"? Swain, marry me.

Aaah, lurker!Conti. Good to see you.

Clay was taking potshots at Conti! The ass.

"Hey, Sandman." I heart you, dude.

Conti gives a total "I told you so" look to Swain. Hee.

"You have no dog in this fight." I like that line.

"Because I encouraged it." SWAIN, NOOO!

THEY CAN'T DISBAR SWAIN! THE WORLD DON'T WORK THAT WAY! I do love the shot of the children sitting next to each other and how Bubba shields his face.


"I'm... proud to work for you."
"Can I sleep on your couch when I'm disbarred?"
"Don't push it."

I totally just reached for my own cell phone.


Comparing disbarrment with the fall of Troy. Hm. I love the Swain vs. Rocca relationship.

Next week, on an all-new In Justice: "And you didn't do two of the strikes." Great, Bri's getting close to a suspect. Shoot it all. I hope Bubba gets mad upset.

Damn, I love this show.
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