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"If they escape, the Earth is doomed." Pause. "I'm kidding."

Spoilers for Crossing Jordan.


"Finally my influence pays off."

Hey, the Big Dig! "Yeah, heard about it on my new satelite radio... in my new car."

And now for car geekery! I have no idea what he's saying. None at all.

"I'm sorry, I can't understand what you're saying, you have a doughnut in your mouth."

HAHA! I love the look Lu just gave Woody. I like them as a couple. SO CUTE.


The Shaft music is what made it absolutely hilarious.

Lu's in the credits now!

Ruh roh, Massachusettes is an official state of emergency!

Haha, I KNEW that dude was a politician.

"Yet." Jeez, Nige, you're such a downer.

"Yeah? 'Cause I don't hear that every day!"

My mom just said "Grow up and be a person, Abby." I love my mum sometimes.

"Just a small point sir, the flags shouldn't be touching the ground." I KNEW THAT! Because my dad reamed me out on flag properties.

And was some wicked special effects, dudes.

MERO guy did something bad. You know he did. SO EFFING OBVIOUS.

"Hey, Maggie!"

"Or you just weren't being very clear!"

Maggie looks kind of like Cabot. It may be the hair.

"You ruined my car."
"I am so sorry." And she's giggling.

God, Nige, I love you SO MUCH.

Lily pouted at Macy! HEE!

I'm just going to pretend that two of those random morgies were Sidney and Peter. It makes me feel better.

Commercials: "This Wednesday, Law & Order moves to its earlier time..."
Me: "UP AGAINST VERONICA MARS. Thanks, jackasses."

Nigel Blog plug! I knew it.

"Now there's a scary thought."
I'll say.

Jumped, pushed, fell! So the guy had to have been pushed for Bug to get the moolah. Nice.

Awkward in an elevator!

GAWD! Woody!

"What are you doing?"
"I'm going to send them down to the morgue!"
I love you, Woody. I LOVE YOU!

"Why is black?"
"And why is nailed shut?"

"If they escape, the Earth is doomed."
"I'm kidding."


"What about the police department? You guys must have a ton of paperwork."
"We tend to have to file all that stuff."

And they toss the keys back and forth. Hee.

"Wow. Wow."

"Either he REALLY hates banks, or he's laundering someone's money."

Manner of death = KFC!

HOORAH FOR NIGE MOUTHING OFF TO MACY! First Jordan, then Seely, now Nige!

"Then let's see it."

Me: "Macy gonna choke a bitch."

Commercials for Inside Man came on. I start giggling. "Isn't that Brokeback Mountain's original title?" But I giggle as I say it.

"I'm babysitting the forensic accountant."

"Can you give me a hand?"

And now she's asking Bug about Woody. Haha.

"You think he's a good guy?"
"Yeah. But I wouldn't want that to get back to him."

That guy who just passed Nige in the hallway had Seely's hair.

"Loud and clear, commandant."

My mom just called my aunt, and the phone rang on screen.

St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters. Huh. Interesting. Must file this away in case I ever write Rescue Me fic.

Haha, Post-Its on the computer. Reminds me of Tracy.

I LOVE Woody's hair this week. Mm. I forgive him for last week's don't.

"How well did you know him, Mr. Gibson?"
"He was my nephew."

At least Macy's taking it out on people who deserve it. Aaaand that's not going to end well.

GOD. It JUST clicked that Fornell is the fire chief guy! DUDE. I feel stupid now. Did y'all know Joe Spano is like sixty? He looks good for an old dude.

"Who are you guys? Crockett and Tubbs?"

"DAMN it."
"You think that's a confession?"

"Keith couldn't save people from burning buildings, or runaway trains, but he did what he could."

"Explain it to them." Ooh, nice one Macy.

Gah, Lu. Although, she IS more open than Jordan. Which can only lead to a healthier relationship than the Woody/Jordan fiasco.

"They do or you do?"

Since when did Jordan become the guru of good relationships? Especially with family members? That's crazy.

"Supportive, non-judgemental..."
"What'll that do?"
"I don't know. We never tried it."

Next week, on an all-new Crossing Jordan: Jordan gets attached to a girl whose dad was killed! This will end well.
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