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"He knows you tried."

Spoilers for the latest Prison Break (YIPPEE)! A recap for those new to the program (and by 'program', I mean me talking about PB): Nick is my boy. Eljay is my boy, and Smarter Than Me. Sucre is my boy. Kellerman is a magnificent bastard, but not one of my boys because he does not need me. Now, start!


I love the Mikey "puts down his weapons" in the previouslies.

Hooray for action shots that mean nothing to those who haven't ever seen the show! Heh. BOOM! 'partment go 'splody!

"I'm gonna through homicide in, no problem. That's like a parking ticket to me."

Yay for smart Linc the sink!

"What's he gonna do, steal a cottonball?"

Yay for hiding places! And I love how Mikey just looks like he doesn't even care anymore. Poor Mikey.

And everyone goes all "Oh, SHIT".

Aw, Sucre. He's always the lookout.

Mikey and Sucre still need to go! And Mikey gets his pouty face on.


Ick, Bellick. BellICK.

UH OH. "Still?" BellICk's gonna do somethin'.

And Sucre's the main one leaning over waiting for Mikey.

And Westy got hisself caught! UH OH!

"Not like we were having a picnic!"

UHOH. Mikey's not in a good mood. Not at all.


WHEW. Thank you, Westy. Heart attack much?

C-Note's pissed, Sucre's upset, T-Bag looks just a little sad. And Mikey is THISCLOSE to a breakdown, you can tell.

Looks like Mike's recovering a little. That's good.

Aw, I like the Pope.

ELJAY! Oh, my poor puppy dog. I GIVE THEE HUGS.

Dude, I totally just saw Cyril leaning against a railing there for a sec. Or maybe that one-armed dude. Heh.

Aw, Sucre's not mad at Mikey. They made up! Kisses!

See, now, that's the reason why he went after Sara. Because of the guv'ner thing.

Noooo... Stupid guard. I HATE YOU, STUPID.

Emotional Mikey!

And now Mikey's back to the breakdown stage.

And I swear to GOD that Abruzzi is the dude in the commercial right now, for Volkswagen. I mean, dude.

I sort of really want to see Lucky Number Sleven. And yeah, I did totally just shift my fingers up to put a 3 in 'numbers'. I'm such a loser.

You know, I think, out of all the people this conspiracy is screwing with, that Eljay is the most affected.

Also, my prediction: Linc gets pardoned, but the other still break out. Hellz yeah.

NICK! I thought he was, like, pretty badly hurt. Which I just typed as 'pretty badly hot'. Which works too, although that's not exactly bad.

"He knows you tried." Aw, Sucre.

And then Sucre is protecting Mikey from T-Bag! AW! I LOVE YOU, MY BOY! Don't get killed.

T-Bag plays softball. Why am I not surprised?

And now Westy is giving Mikey some advice! YES!

"There's a lot of protocol in killing a man." He sounded like he was out of Tombstone.

OH NOEZ. Y'all know that Tweener is definitely the titular rat.

"I'm going in."
"It's daytime." Pause. "I'll hang the sheets."
Aw, Sucre!

Or maybe THIS is the titular rat! Hah, Mikey picking up the rat.

Aw, Sara. Comforting Lincoln. Aw. And now Linc's asking Sara to look out for Mikey. AW. These two make me tear up so."

That doesn't make any noise? COME ON!

Uh oh, Tweenz. Don't be the rat! Be the boot! Um. Sorry. Ender's Shadow flashback.

Oh SHIT. Poor Tweenz.

And Tweenz looks like he hates himself so much for saying that. Poor guy. I completely forgot, I think I claimed him as one of boys, too.

BellICK's such an asshole, even the other guards don't like him.


Oh sweet fluffy Jesus. The poor rat!

And Linc is praying. Nice cut-shots. But distracting. And annoying.

Aw, I like the relationships between the guards and Linc.

"No proof? What have I been arguing the last twenty minutes?"

God, Veronica, you sound like you're crazy.

Haha, a janitor.

"And boom, fuse pops. Along with the rat."

Oh SHIT. BellICK! Damn you!

Dude, Mikey's eyes went scary and black for a second there. He is seriously going to go off the deep end.

Damn, we're already forty minutes through the episode? DAMN.

A diaper? Crap. (Pun intended.)
"Make me."

"Still owes me."

"Anything but torturing myself with the idea of hope."

DUDE. My phone rang at the EXACT same time as Nick's phone.

"Go to the back room. Go." Hooray for Eljay! And Nick being Eljay's surrogate dad.


"You letting me win, Michael?"
"Show me your cards."
"Show me your cards!"
Aw. I love them.

Oh, Michael. Michael.

Oh, Eljay. Eljay. Quit making me cry. Your dream, and saying "I love you, dad". Oh, God. Sniff.

"And dad, if it helps, pretend it didn't come from me." Jeez, this show and its daddy issues, right.

"I'm gonna go down in history with these freaks."

I love how him spazzing out doesn't bring any guards for the longest time.

No, oh God no. LINC! LIIIIIINC!

I love that there's no guards watching Michael. All of them are in front of him.

I love how Michael messes with his hands when he's nervous or upset.


Oh shit. Oh holy effing shit. The guvner is part of the conspiracy? THAT AIN'T RIGHT. AIN'T RIGHT T'ALL!

Did she just say "I loved you from the first time I saw you"? If so, dude.

Please let this be a dream. Oh God, please.

The montage. And Eljay got me again with his "I love you dad". That kid. I don't know, just the way he says it makes me cry. Sniff.

Wait. Maybe Sucre went in and screwed up the electrics! Oh please. Oh God please.

Next week, on an all-new Prison Break: Was that Hale's wifey that Kellerman was looking at? And "What exactly are you looking for on there?" "Another way out." "You found a way out?" "Yeah, but it's suicide."
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