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"Hey, what a man does in the privacy of his own home.. and office.. and car.. is his own business."

Spoilers for the latest Veronica Mars!

Previously: SHE KNEW WHAT HAPPENED! He promised a cleaner, safer Neptune! The previouslies were longer than the plots of most series! Cassidy started Phoenix Land Trust!

"Maybe Terrance has a legitimate use for them."
"Trout fishing?"

Oh, Lamby.

"Unless you've got a canoe!"
"You may want to-"
"Post someone? Yeah, I got it."

BWAHA! HAHAHAHAHA! OMG. I love all the shots of rl!Harry Hamlin.

"You kidding? Don't you want to see how it ends?" I can't help but think that Dick knows that Logan's upset with watching it, and is leaving it on on purpose. Retribution for the Kendall thing? Or for the mocking thing in Magic Mountain? WHO KNOWS! Possibly, I am giving Le Dick too much of Le Credit.

Trina's terminal illness! Bwah.

"That's who you're dating." And Hannah's all *shrug*, heh.


And here's him blaming Duncan. Everyone totally guessed that.

OH GOD. Karaoke to "I Want You to Want Me". BWAH. I do love how it's realistically bad singing, though.

SWEET FANCY JESUS. Diamond Volkeswagen, indeed.

It's that dude from TV Guide! She got TV Guide's underwear!

"If you get to number eight, be sure to bring mouthwash."

"Oh, you looky-loos, with your police band radio and free time..." LAMB! I LOVE YOU!

"Sir, this is a police matter. You'll have to wait for the press release like everyone else."

Pin-the-penis-on-the-fireman?! I want in!

Why's the Donut still in the credits? I mean, I love the guy, but on more episode in the back half of the season does NOT a season credit make.

Heidi almost drowned herself trying to swim with the dolphins. Hee.


Heidi Kuhne! Oh, I JUST got that.

"I'm sorry? All I heard you say was 'let's have sex'."

Nick's mom fell off the roof putting up a satellite dish. Hee.

I've never heard of a novelty camera like that, dude. I want one!

"If I were a novelty camera, where would I be?"

Hey! I live there!

"Can you tell if she packed a bag?"
"You're kidding, right?"

CASSIDY! HOORAY! Although, Kendall looks quite slutty.

"What have I told you about thinking?"
"That it makes my breasts smaller."

"Consider it? I'm banking on it."

Cassidy is totally up to something.


"With good behavior, if you could muster some..."

"The prosecution has witness. The good ones, eye-witnesses."

"Jurors love convicting smug rich boys."

"I've asked around, and this may come as a surprise, but no one likes you."

"I'll be wearing an 'I'm with stupid' T-shirt."

"Yeah. Like that."

"What did the sheriff's department have to say?"
"Nothing inspiring. The deputy started laughing when he heard the missing person was at a bachelorette party."


Dun dun.

"Penises can sometimes be distracting."

Condom balloons! BWAH!

"Jane, that's a torso."

"I'm here to tempt you, Aaron."

"Or, should I say, with what?"

Working abroad. Bah dum dum.

"Quid pro quo, Mrs. C. Quid pro quo." OH GOD. HE'S SUCH A FREAK.


"We've met." OH, JEEZ.

Lyrics: you sold out to the daydream nation. NICE. I like that song. Me wants!

GROSS. Did he really need to get spit at?

Aw, that was kinda cute. That reminded me of Nets and Tom for a second.

Is Neptune full of nothing but Macs? Heh. Mac.

Oh, ew. He does that double-space after the period thing. I HATE that.

Eschew? Adolescents? Jeez, Hannah, you iz a smartie!

REAL heavy.

Staking out a bowling alley. Oh, V.

One-eyed Ducks?

"That guy's... not a guy, just in desperate need of a stylist."

Oh, Vinnie. I LOVE YOU. I love that Vinnie is a bowler, and is even more into it than Hansen on 21JS. VINNIE, MARRY ME! KEN MARINO, YOU TOO!

Commericals: I need to go to the liquidation expo at National Western. Get me a new laptop for CHEAP!

"This is not 'Nam, this is bowling, there are RULES!"

"If I had a dime for every time I was thrown out of H squared for stalking..."

"Are you after me for kidnapping? Because I believe that's your racket."

"Now, if you'll excuse me, my ducks need me. QUACK QUACK." I LOVE YOOOOOOU!

Shit, Logan. You're not going to have sex with a virgin under false pretenses, are you?

"I've been trying to reach you."
"And I've been ducking your calls. Man, that feels good to get off of my chest."


"Alright, let's stop there." Poor Logan! Hee.


Aaah, Cassidy. Is that what you're up to?

DUDE. Cassidy either a, screwed up royally; or b, is screwing Kendall and/or others over royally. I'm hoping for numbah two, but Cassidy looked a little upset with the teacher's teachings. But C"B"C is supposed to be a super genius! Part of MacGyver! It would not do for him to suddenly become... his dad. Whoa. But wait, with the Kendall-Aaron scene... did they buy a ton of crap property, and is he then going to take down

Aw, did y'all catch that Dick-Beaver bonding as they left the classroom? I guess the Alanis tranny thing is forgotten.

XLR8? Oh, jeez. INXS much? And their last locale on the tour is "Shiner Bar" (or possibly shriner, I'm not sure).

Damn, only fifteen minutes left!

"You're twelve."
"I'm eighteen."
"You're a barrista."
"I'm... fine. I'm a barrista."

"..then we found your car abandoned..."
"You mean, 'parked'? Like, twenty feet away from the bus stop."

"...and we found two glasses of wine, and one of them was broken."
"Which is why I poured the second glass."

Oh, Vinnie. I love you.

"Lay it on me, preacher man!"

"And after finding whipped cream in your underwear, I think I'm entitled."

"Like I'd ever sex up a drummer." No, but Veronica would! HEE! (PS: LEO I MISS YOU!)

"Enjoy the reception!" Hee!

"Are pawn shops open on Saturdays?" I LIKE her.

"I'm confused. You're talking, and your clothes are on."

Oh shit. Aaron's getting her to get some evidence of a bad!Duncan. Or... to PLANT EVIDENCE! OH MY!

"Mark my words, one day that smirk is going to be wiped clear off your face."

"Oh please, let the lying cokehead plastic surgeon lecture me on karma."

"If it isn't the puppet master."
"Hey, what a man does in the privacy of his own home... and office... and car... is his own business!"

"Aw, you were gonna buy a new jacket!"
"And give up the cheap women? Not likely."

"I called you, left a threatening message?"
"You didn't get it from me."
"Exactly how many times in your life have you had to say that? You know what's disturbing about you? Other than everything? You're a half-way decent private investigator."
"Aw, stop, you're embarrassing me!"
"You can embarrass the shameless?"

Next week, on an all-new Arrested Development Veronica Mars!: "Dad? Your hooker's here." And they don't advertise ANY of the special guest stars, damn.
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