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"So, uh. He was insulated to death?"

Spoilers for the latest CSI: NY!


Bug lecture! Hooray!

And why couldn't I ever go on a kick-ass field trip like this? Or, you know, any.


And boy, is that gross or what?

Haha, but that's a good example of the cycle of life! And I love that they only shut down that one exhibit.

Psh. It's always boring when the TITLE is the pre-credits zinger.

Credits: song still awesome. Shots of Danny still hot. Ditto Hawkes. Ditto Flack.

Ah, the ever-fun tracking of the scene.

"And no eating." HEY, IT'S CONTINUITY! Ol' buddy, ol' pal, where you been all my life?

Oh, of COURSE her heart is always in the right place. Now, watch, someone's going to have stolen her heart after killing her. Just so we can be slapped repeatedly with IRONY!

Hey, it's mini!Daniel! What? I was reading a Stargate book earlier.

Danny/Flack scene!

"Oh, they're sending in the big guns."
"I like your suit."
"...thanks. If I had your shoes, I'd be set."

Aw, New Yawk accents.

"Why must people do that? They can't resist messing up fresh concrete."

"Doesn't mean it's not still funny!" Oh, Danny.

"So, uh. He was insulated to death?" I love this show.

And now for some bug-fu. Yawn. Wake me up when my boys are on screen.

I love the graphics, dude. CRAZY.

So the kid DOES understand English. I wasn't sure.

Now that we've established he speaks English, maybe you should MOVE OUT OF THE DAMN ROOM TO TALK ABOUT HIM. Jeez.

So Mac's watching the kid. Of course. Sheesh.

Haha, so I was the only one who TOTALLY KNEW THE KID WAS THE DUDE'S SON?

They are far too excited about disolving flesh on a corpse. Especially when it looks like people soup (technically, you're a cannibal now).

You know, all we ever see on any other show is the final part, with the dry bones. I don't think even Crossing Jordan has shown this.

I'm just happy I didn't make that tomato soup I was planning on.

I bet dead bug lady IS Sam's mother! Or not. I have no real idea. I just like talking.

Hooray for collecting all the prints and THEN running them, not finding one, running it, finding another, running it, and so on.

Yay for Danny montages!

"He's a bit of an orphan." NO SHIT, LADY SHERLOCK.

DUDE. This kid needs to play Bean in the Ender's Game movie. He'd be awesome. And he could pass for Greek, right?

Do we really need this bizarro comic book view? Like, really?

Oooh, Hawkes, you are so very very hot.

So. Wait. Why was there randomly a picture of Elena and Jose in the apartment of the dead lady? I mean, huh?

Haha, this is going to be a total tie-in with Catherine's statement over on the original.

Have I ever mentioned that I ADORE the music on NY? 'Cause I do.

DNA analysis just isn't cool when it's not being done by Greggo or Wendy.

Aaah, nephew!

"Seems to be about golf."
"Think we should get out, shoot a few and talk about the course?"

"...and our guy's a real FOB."

Mm. Yum. I want in on that class. I MEAN! What?

"This is harrassment."
"No, it's perserverance."

"Prison, but it was just for drugs." Oh, that's all? Eyeroll.

Flack totally has a crush on Danny. It shows. Even if Danny's oblivious.

Urban golf? Like the assassin game. And subway surfing. And that what-was-it thing, extreme living?

Aw, Mac's cutting up Sam's food. Heh. My dog is named Sam.

Choc'lit. I love the way he said that.

And the choc'lit is the saving clue! Hoorah!

Are they going to fingerprint all of the money? They are, aren't they? Oh. No. Just the one with the blood on it. But if there hadn't been the blood, how would they have known?!

I love that Flack knew what Danny didn't.

Oh. Man. I do NOT like that shirt/tie combo, Flacky.

"It was the only thing I sank all day." BWAH. That amuses me.

Sad part is, she'll probably win custody for Sam, too.

"Okay. Bye." I love how he doesn't even really pause, just runs off.

Next week, on an all-new CSI: New Yawk: "Desperate enough... to kill?"

Also, it seems USA will be rerunning episodes of Heist an hour after it's aired on NBC. So I CAN watch it, after all! Happiness.
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