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"Write this down... 'Remaining eye, unresponsive'."

Spoilers for the latest Heist.

The music of this show? Rules. "I Turn My Camera On", and then Mickey listening to "Jesse's Girl"?

"You hurt my upper lip!"

"He hurt my lower lip."

"Who am I? I'm Gatsby. I'm frigging Spartacus."

I think I love Rickey already. Him jumping past James. Hilarious.

Total Ocean's 11 run-down. They're not even trying to hide it. It's like a parody.

"No dummy, we're going to take out a small business loan!"
"Yeah, a bank."

"Now you're idiot AND a racist."

"How would you like it if I said all Irish people are drunks?"
"Well we have to be, to put up with the blacks."

"This is just like Lethal Weapon, only I actually do hate you."

Hey, it's Zac Efron! Cool!

"Why do you rob banks, Mick?"
"Uh, 'cause that's where the money is?"

"Write this down... 'Remaining eye, unresponsive'." BWAHA!

God, shades of Rescue Me much?

Heist mix. Oh, God.

So. Wait. The guy who attempted to kill Mick is now the one who's with his wife and kid?

"We're not gonna hug."
"Oh hell no."

Mm. Rickey looks hot with technology on his ear.

"Do you like horses?"
"We are two blocks from my ex-girlfriend's."
"You know what has a lot of protien? Walnuts. You like walnuts."

"Clapton, not Paige? Are you out of your mind?"

And James is still playing the game. Doesn't even realize. Oh, I love it.

"Nice, did you steal this?"
"Naw, I won it at bingo. Just get to work, stupid."

"I got it, I got it... I don't got it."

TASER! WHOO! Me loves me some tasers.

I love how the bank employee is all "This happens every day", not panicked AT ALL.

Haha! Old dude tasered old cabbie dude!

"Keep banging, and I'm gonna set you on fire."

"Hi, I'm Rickey, I mean Eduardo."

"Pops, uh, I mean, Ricardo."

Oh man. I love Rickey and Pops.

"I'm sorry, man, I always wanted to do that."

"Must be a change, sitting in the front of the squad car for once."
"You know I can actually HEAR you getting fatter?"

"Now, I saved your life, so keep your mouth shut, and, uh... we know where you live."

That was pretty damn smart.

And now for some Ocean's 11 music!

I love that they gave the pizza kid money for his troubles.

I do not yet have Heist iconage. So in the meantime, I'll be using my other evil bank robber icon. Hi, Warren!
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