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Some business that must be taken care of...

Everyone needs to join The Seven Horcruxes, ASAP.

Starting April 4th, Veronica Mars will be going back to its old time slot, Tuesdays at 9PM EST. Aka, the hour after NCIS airs, aka I now get to switch from NCIS straight to VM, to make it The. Best. Day. EVER. Plus, Tuesdays are non-practice and non-game and non-Explorer days. So it'll be an extra special treat on my day off!

Speaking of NCIS...
Episode 3.19 - Iced [Airing April 4]: A Marine is found dead under the ice of a small pond. He was involved with helping kids get out of street gangs and join the Marines. The team gets to work on finding out who was the killer.

Episode 3.20 - Untouchable [Airing April 18]: A member of a Department of Defense Crypto unit is found dead, when she was supposed to go in and get interviewed by Gibbs. Gibbs was investigating the unit on suspicion of information leaks to a foreign country. The dead female's roommate and their commander seem shaken up when they learn of her death. Gibbs and the team investigate.

Episode 3.21 - Bloodbath: An older couple is checking into off-base Navy lodging, but when they enter they are shocked to find a gruesome scene. The clerk is immediately under suspicion. We'll also meet Abby's former boyfriend, who's also a goth and runs a crime scene cleanup company.

Episode 3.22 - Jeopardy: Tony and Ziva are coming into NCIS headquarters with $5 million and a drugdealer suspect, who dies in the elevator ride up. His brother wants his cash and brother back, but doesn't know he died. When NCIS is not giving in to his demands, he takes extreme measures.

I love all of these cases that have the team themselves in trouble this season. I mean, dude. How many times have we had something like this happen? "Did someone break a mirror?"

I need a Vinnie icon. Or I could just upload that old Cliff/Vinnie icon I made.
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