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God, I need to get a life.

I went to allmusic.com, did a search for all of the artists in my 25 most played songs category on iTunes, and then wrote down the moods for all the artists. Here are the moods that got five or more hits:
energetic (9), rousing (8), irreverent (7), quirky (7), fun (6), playful (6), raucous (6), wry (5), exuberant (5), freewheeling (5), humorous (5), brash (5).

2-4 hits:
rambunctious (4), party/celebratory (4), witty (4), confident (4), ironic (4), aggressive (3), summery (3), dramatic (3), boisterous (3), stylish (3), swaggering (3), rowdy (3), theatrical (3), bittersweet (3), reflective (3), tense/anxious (2), brooding (2), silly (2), manic (2), volatile (2), visceral (2), sleazy (2), rollicking (2), campy (2), cathartic (2), bright (2), earnest (2), messy (2), cynical/sarcastic (2), passionate (2), street-smart (2), bravado (2), poignant (2), slick (2), nostalgic (2).

Blink 182: crunchy, playful, silly, theatrical, quirky, rowdy, rollicking, fun, rambunctious, raucous, energetic, irreverent, rousing, aggressive, angst-ridden, humorous, brash, gleeful, manic, ironic.

Daft Punk: bright, party/celebratory, earnest, stylish, hypnotic, witty, rousing, playful, boisterous, freewheeling, fun, humorous, exuberant, energetic, joyous, confident, trippy.

The Dandy Warhols: summery, campy, quirky, brash, humorous, irreverent, playful, cold, detached, stylish, party/celebratory, cynical/sarcastic, brooding.

Green Day: cynical/sarcastic, ironic, brash, rousing, playful, boisterous, rambunctious, snide, humorous, quirky, messy, manic, freewheeling, wry, raucous, irreverent.

Guided By Voices: ambitious, confident, passionate, uncompromising, messy, cerebral, sophisticated, fractured, quirky, reflective, freewheeling, irreverent, bittersweet, enigmatic, complex, self-concious, rousing, wry, dramatic, party/celebratory, ironic.

The Kinks: wry, whimsical, literate, rollicking, freewheeling, nostalgic, exciting, ramshackle, pastoral, poignant, theatrical, aggressive, rowdy, raucous, brash, confident, campy, silly, swaggering, sentimental, urgent.

The Knack: fun, exuberant, energetic, irreverent, playful, confident, sleazy, tense/anxious, rambunctious.

The Living End: rowdy, fun, energetic.

Old 97's: summery, witty, exuberant, organic, bittersweet, raucous, cathartic, reflective, plaintive, wistful, earthy, quirky, wry.

Panic! At the Disco: stylish, lively, earnest, bright, witty, sweet, slick, rousing, exuberant, energetic, playful, smooth, fun, dramatic, theatrical, searching, yearning.

The Ramones: raucous, nostalgic, lively, fierce, bravado, quirky, summery, rebellious, swaggering, fun, party/celebratory, rousing, boisterous, rambunctious, humorous, energetic, irreverent, street-smart, brash, visceral, intense.

Saliva: rousing, provocative, energetic, confrontational, aggressive, hedonistic, bitter, volatile, swaggering, slick, lively, bravado, dramatic, irreverent, raucous, sleazy, street-smart, reckless, acerbic, tense/anxious, exuberant.

Semisonic: energetic, amiable/good-natured, bittersweet, melancholy.

Spoon: cathartic, visceral, quirky, volatile, wry, ironic, witty, poignant, reflective, energetic, fiery, freewheeling, passionate, rousing, brooding.

I'm beginning to think that there may, indeed, be something to the idea that choice of music can describe. I mean, I like to think that I'm energetic, rousing, irreverent, quirky, fun, playful, raucous, wry, exuberant, freewheeling, humorous, and brash. Or at least SOME of those. What do y'all think?
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