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Thoughts During Angel...

Wesley/Eve is even more of a possibility now, eh?

Poor, poor, self-pitying child. Aka, Wes.

Oh, God, Lorne...
Oh, God, Spike...
Ditto on the Spike thing.
Oh, God, Angel...
And I wish I could write more, but this is too funny.

"What did you just do?"
"Unless I'm very mistaken, I've just activated a bomb."

Go Wes, you mad bomb-activating foo'!
Spike... Calling Wes 'Percy'. Sigh... And the Head Boy thing...

Ditto the Lorne comment. I don't want to know about cherries.
Zombie birds...

"You're not going to try to blow me up again, are you?"
"Probably not."

And the comment about Lilah. And I'm gettin' bad vibes about Roger. And what does Eve have to do with Spike. And Spike's odd. And Roger's grabbing book-os. Oh, my Wessy! Why must you be repeatedly thumped on the head? EVIL ROGER! NO, NOT THE TEMPLATES! What the... What's with the freaky-deaky staffy do-da?

So, are the robots commanded by the Council? Poor Wesle. Mispelling on purpose, y'know. 'Member his prob with 'Knox-y', and Gunn's 'Wesle'?

And what's with Wes being all torture-full? And the Spike and Gunn scene rox.

"Oh, uh, Eve's stuck in the elevator..."
"So go tell maintenance."
"Oh, right. Where's maintenan... Oh, to be honest, I don't really care."

Go Spikey.

And what's with the swirly ness thingy happening to Angel? AND I was right! Roger is eeeeeeeeevil... What the hell did he do?


Did he really need to shoot Roger THAT many times? And then hurl? HOLY SHIT! A cyborg holo?

LOL! Angel and his dad story... OMG! SPIKE'S STORY! "Well, I'd already killed her, and she tried to shag me, so..."

No, damn it! NO WES/FRED! DAMNIT! Yeeesssss... Wes, find someone better for ya!

Calling home? Hee...

"Of course they have clocks in Los Angeles..."


And now we all know Joe's gonna watch next week's episode. It's Dru-centered. And looks like an ep that gives Angel the PG14 rating.

And now I take my leave, in order to train my dear dog Samurai to answer to RuPaul. Just for the hell of it.

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