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Real life stuff, since I evidentally have one now.

Oh, totally forgot to mention this before. Went to the eye doctor guy, and am now getting new glasses AND sunglasses. Sweet. Although, bad that my eyes have gotten even worse. I asked the doc, and he said that my vision is approximately 20/600.

Oh yeah, not a typo. 20/600, not 60. I'm not legally blind, though, because my vision is still correctable to 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. Which is good. Of course, now my mother wants me to wear contacts and/or sports glasses, since 20/600 vision is probably not conducive to playing rugby well, but I despise contacts and I've tried wearing glasses during rugby before. Nearly broke my goddamn nose, too.

Speaking of rugby, went and saw the Denver Barbarians (aka Barbos) vs. Dallas Harlequins Superleague match after police explorers on Saturday. 'Twas quite fun, and Steve from school (he who plays lock/second rower for Thunder Ridge) was there with his brother, who is EXACTLY LIKE HIM. I mean, they even talk the same. And they both play rugby. And it was a little creepy. And Steve playing rugby is not helping my slight interest in him - it's thankfully not far gone enough for me to call it a crush, but still. I mean, he's not bad looking, he's fairly amusing and probably the most mature guy at Humanex, he's smart and reads good books but doesn't think things like Harry Potter are beneath him

And speaking of police explorers, my final exam is this coming Saturday. BAD. This Thursday, we've got SWAT/K-9 intros. SWEET. Also on Thursday is my psych evaluation in order to get anxiety medications. Hm.

In the meantime, my mum and I are going up to Blackhawk (aka, Las Vegas in the mountains without the hookers or sideshows for children to enjoy) tomorrow morning, and will be staying there overnight. She'll hit her casinos, and I'll stay in our beautiful suite, watching TV - there's even one in the BATHROOM, by God - possibly watching my 21 Jump Street DVDs, and playing on the computer. Don't know if they have Internet there, although hopefully they do. If not, I'll just make some icons and maybe a fic or music video or two.

We may stay there on Tuesday night, too, or we may go elsewhere. I'm about to Google the hell out of fun things to do in Colorado.
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