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"You undercounted the sassy."

Spoilers for the latest Veronica Mars episode.


Dick is so kickass, I love him

"Don't leave me hangin'." Aw, Hannah.

"You lied to a janitor?"
"Yeah, I'm going to burn in hell."

Aw, Hannah, I'm sorry. I like you.

"You're a real sweet girl, but-"
"But what?"
"I'm not a sweet guy."

Aw, Hannah. Also, she is freakishly tall.

"Sorry, I don't know her."

"I'm Veronica, I'm from Neptune, and I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die."
"Well, I don't believe you're from Neptune."

Haha, Dean shot a guy in Reno.

"Veronica, meet..."
"Troy Vandegraff."

"Do you know him? Because you're not supposed to know each other."
"Nope, I don't know him at all."

Oh, Troy, I love you and I missed you.

Sadly enough, he's the least of her issues from the last year.

"Duplicitous, evil, water."

Aw. She baked him a cake.

And then Dick jokes about Easy Bake Ovens.

Haha, Madison go bye-bye.

"Where, Legoland?"

"Tell me home you like it!"
"Like it, but it's getting kinda old."

Oooh, bad ass Troy! Who then gets punched. Oh, Troy.

"So chivalry isn't dead, it just can't fight."
"Hey, some things I just can't change."


"Go Hearst!" Oh, George Michael - er, Dean.

"There goes your water."

Did she taser that dude? HAHA.

"It's a funny story, actually." CLIFF!

"How did you call me?"
"Acrobatically. I may have pulled a hamstring."

Cliff, I love you.

"Dad, the phone is ringing!" I do that.

Ooh, roofies. And Lamb's actually upset over it, as opposed to V's!

I believe you Troy!

Yay for Cliffie! He looks cute.

"You actually believed she was a gynecologist?" The look Cliff gives him.

"...I believe a copy of 'L' magazine, although I don't know why..."

"I had a zest for life, so sue me."


"Don't mind me, just keep doing whatever that is."

MADISON/LAMB! MADISON/LAMB! I AM LE DED! OOOOOH MYYY GOOOOOOOOOOD. And it makes so much sense, too, because Lamb is Dick grown up.

Who's gravelly voice guy?

"So you figured creepy skulking was a better use of your time?"

"Maybe you could just believe me."
"I'll check."

Oh, Dick, your trash-talking is all sorts of bizarre. "Say hello to your spine. 'It's me, your spine'!"

"I'm just wondering what Ozzie would say about your idea of how Ozzie parties."

"Who play videogames all day."
"I don't care about what other people say, because I don't give a rat's ass."

"To not giving the ass of a rat." And Dick clinks the file against Logan's beer. Oh, Dick.

"So it's half there, and he's only half horrible."

"How was your rape?" Oh, dude, nice one. NICE. ONE.

Ruh roh, V, you got found out!

Haha, Emmy mention. Whee! I love the overdramatic background music. Veronica, oh Veronica!

"Please, m'am, she's my sister!"
"...I'm sorry, this girl was Hawaiian."
"...oh." Leaves.

"If I wanted to find a Hawaiian girl, where would I start?"

Hee, Cliff and Keith looking like giggling little girls.

"You got a minute?"
"For the two of you, always."


"I'd vote for ya."

"As soon as I got here, I knew I wanted to be a Pi!"
"Once when I was little, I wanted to be an ice cream." Wallace, I love you.

I love that he just reaches over and flips the window lock, no second thoughts at all.

"That is wrong both factually and ontologically."

Ice Man! HEE! Total TWoP shoutoutage. Between that, the P&P, and Lamb/Madison, this episode is the shout-out to end all shout-outs. Hell, I'll even count Cliffie's appearance as a shout out, since he's pretty much universally loved.

Ryan Seacrest hair! HEE!

"I don't give a flying nun what she thinks."

"Because unless being electrocuted counts, he never scored these two hundred and fifty points."

"You undercounted the sassy."

"My what? Wig, this is my HAIR!"

"That means that half of it might be good..."
"Talking about me again?"

Acquantance with reservations! Heh.

"See, if you come here next year, you'll already have enemies. You'll feel right at home."

HAHA! She through his hair into the ceiling fan. That amuses me.

"And you want me to forgive you."

"Dad, your hooker's here."
"Escort, honey. So why don't you go to your room and do your... blog, or whatever it is you kids do."

"I really thought it was all real."
"Just the welts."
Oh, man. HEE, but man.

Hey, soundtrack song! To... Logan and Hannah getting it on. Um. Alright then. This is not going to be ending well, I don't think.

Shit, who's coming up? Ah, it's the good doctor.

Aw, Keith. So cute.

"Hearst is ten whole exits."

"What do you know about plastic explosives?"
"That's what I love, a good segway."

Haha, I like Hannah's friends. "Nice going."

Danny Boyd! Danny Boyd! I like him.

I think you need to add the Fitzes, V. Most def. Because the Fightin' Fitzes are the root of all evil this season. They're the big bads.

Next week, on an all-new Veronica Mars: Some people will do anything to cover up a murder, like, no shit preview guys. "Imagine how useful that recording would be if it was obtained legally."

Spoilers for the latest CSI: New York episode.

Flack! And Danny! With guns! And Flack called him Dan! Oh, I already love this episode.

Wow, that's a lot of dead people. Fun times.

Well, that would suck.

Who would go through all that just to get an effing liver? I mean, WTF?

I sort of want to become a medical examiner just so I can stick rods through people's bodies. Which is a little creepy, I know, but still.

Whoo, zooming!

Aha, so Lindsay's a detective too! Okay. So all of them 'cept perhaps Hawkes are detectives.

He's a total sociopath. Oh yeah. You know it.

Haha. "Still don't know her, Charles?"

Ugh, Lindsay. Don't make me shoot you. "She's only twenty-two years old!" in your whiny, simpering voice. God I hate you.

Can we please go back to the storyline that I'm interested in?

Whoa, nice little ground-tracking shot up to Flack'n'Mac.

Oh, Flacky, your tie and shirt makes me sick to look at. Why, Flacky, why?

It totally looked like Mac was checking out Danny's ass.

Bubblegum! Peanut butter! HEE!

I love the look Danny had on his face.

Shows badge. "Please?"
"See that? A little politeness does a long way."

"Become one with the gum."

Hawkes looks kind of ugly. Aw. I'm sad.

Aaaand now for the storyline that both bores and infuriates me. "Something about her makes me feel so vulnerable." GOD, SHUT. UP.

So, wait. Dead Chick kept a bunch of papers that looked like phone logs on the message board outside her apartment? Um, what? I may have missed something. Possibly because I just don't care.

OH! Good music! And Danny montage! Hoorah!

Mac writes with floursihes. That amuses me for some reason.

I love it when Danny pushes his glasses up to look in the microscope.

"You have very beautiful eyes, you know that?"
"Thank you."

And he dodges the girlfriend question, nice one Flacky.

"Would these eyes lie?"

Hm, she's a little creepy.

The two non-Cooper guys look similar. Which is the lawyer?

Haha, I remember Greg's plant DNA typing!

"Does that sound about right?"
"No, no it doesn't." I love the matter-of-fact way he said that.

So, what, she's a nympho? Was a nympho, rather?

"Adam! ADAM! Sorry, I'll leave you alone. ARGH."

God, Lindsay, shut up.

"You get a little somethin'-somethin', you don't have to pay for dinner."

Aw, Mac'n'Flack, not Flack'n'Dan.

HEY! ASSHOLE! You don't kick Flack in the face like that! And especially not repeatedly!

"Dr. Beaumont, you have the right to remain silent. Use it."

"How ya doin'?" Aw, Dan, I love ya.

OMG! The Aiden case! OMG!

Dun dun. I like that ending, although it's iffy as to whether or not that was a promise or an upcoming episode plot.

AAAH! My hearing just went all wonky, with one ear losing all hearing, and the other getting this hollow ringing sound, if that makes any sense. And what's up with this new 'current location' field?
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