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VH1's 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs (mostly from the 80s)

50: "I wear my sunglasses at night"! God, if you knew how often I've used that song as a joke or pun, you'd be... frightened. Corey Hart slightly resembles Harrison Ford.

49: Puff Daddy? Okay. Whatever.

48: Michael Bolton! HAHA! Of course! "Can I Touch You There?" is a little bit of a creepy title.

47: Bobby'n'Whitney!

46: Spin Doctors! Um. Right. Don't know who they are. I kind of like the beat, though.
AW. LFO's "Summer Girls" got voted as the third most awesomely bad song by viewers. That makes me sad. I loved that song when I was eight.
45: Hey, it's the sandwich guy! What? There's a sandwich called a Rueben. And he seriously had a song called "Sorry 2004"? That's disturbing.

44: HEY! I LOVE THIS SONG! HOW DARE YOU! "We Didn't Start the Fire" is awesome! It's perfect!

43: "Make 'em Say Ugh"? THE FUCK?

42: "Cotton Eye Joe"! That's such an awesome song! It's the staple of school dances! We even danced to it at NSLC. I mean, redneck!Swedes, come on.

41: Aaand it's JC Chavez. Was he from BSB or N*Sync? And why do I know that's an asterisk there?

40: "What's Up?" No, seriously, that's the song.
Dude. That last one was REALLY horrible.
39: What the hell? But hey, it's Mums - or however the fuck you capitalize it, I don't know. He didn't say anything, just stared at the camera all "WTF?"

38: Ja Rule! And he really sucks in this song. Haha. He should stick to rap - can't believe I suggested that, but there it is.

37: Haha, Bette Midler.

36: "I Wanna Sex You Up"? Um. Aight then. At least TRY and be subtle, dude. Plus, they all look like frat boys who use drugs.

35: Hey, Don Johnson's song isn't that horrid.

34: "Butterfly"! I love this song! And heh, one of the guys is wearing a DARE shirt. That amuses the fuck out of me.
Aw! "Achy Breaky Heart" got #1 for bad break up song! DANG. I love that thing.

32: "Broken Wings"! Haha, I totally once read a Tobias songfic with this song. And I loved that thing. Haha.

31: R. Kelly. Dude's a little creepy, although I am amused by his closet soap opera thing.

30: Nelly. "Pimp Juice". Um. Okay.

29: Haha, the thing everyone wants to know - what's the thing you WON'T do for love? WE MUST KNOW! "The problem with this song, I think, is that it makes no fucking sense." Haha, preach on, commentator! "It reheated Meatloaf." I love bad puns!
"Walk Like an Egyptian"! "Las Ketchup"! "Macarena"! I LOVE ALL THOSE!
28: Rick Astley! "Never Gonna Give You Up"! I wish I could sing like that.

27: "Rump Shaker"? Srsly? Are they joking?

26: "The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You"? BWAHAHA!

25: Michael Jackson! HAHA.

24: Phil Collins! That really is a song that you want to sing, but don't know what the hell you're saying. ("He tries to sing along/to some song he's never heard/but just keeps mouthing all the words", for a Less Than Jake ref.)

23: "The Thong Song"! MWAHA!

22: Lionel Ritchie! "Dancing on the Ceiling"! Hah.

21: "I'll Be There For You"! Aw! "Theme songs from TV shows are the lowest form of music." Shut up, dude, the 21JS theme is brilliant!

20: Aw, Toby Keith's "Courtesy of Red, White, and Blue"! I love that one! Stick a boot up your ass! Sweet!
Haha, N*Sync!
19: Haha, it's Chicago! That's awesome!

18: "Pumps and a Bump"? What? Oh, Hammertime, what've you done to yourself?

17: RIGHT SAID FRED! "I'm Too Sexy"! I LOVE THIS EFFING SONG! *sing along*

16: I don't remember hearing of this song, but the tune is damn familiar. Europe singing about space. HAHA.

15: "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"! HEE! This song amuses me so greatly.
I love "Mambo #5", but people actually play that at their WEDDING? WTF, mate?
14: "Will 2K" Poor Will Smith. Where's he been in the last few years, anyway?

13: "Barbie Girl"! I LOVE THIS SONG! They used to play this constantly during gym in third grade. Uh.

12: Haha, NKotB! My only real exposure to them is from LFO's "Summer Girls" - "New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits/Chinese food makes me sick".

11: "Rico Suave"! I thought that was the dude's name. Heh.

10: "The Heart of Rock & Roll", another one that I haven't heard of, but sounds familiar.
Hair metal ballads! Poison! Haha! And that "Honesty" song from earlier, which I've never heard or of.
09: "Don't Worry, Be Happy"! I used to sing this all the time when I was like five. Mostly because of the car commercials, I think (hope).

08: "She Bangs"! It's Will Hung!

07: Eddie Murphy! Hah. Dude amuses me.

06: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"! I LOVE THIS SONG! THIS IS A KICKASS SONG!

05: "Ice Ice Baby"! YES! Hee.

04: Limp Bizkit! God, I detested them in sixth/seventh grade, because everyone was all about them, and I was all "They can't even spell their own damn name! WHAT THE HELL!"
Bad Latin music! RAWK ON! Marc Anthony, J.Lo, and Ricky Martin. Yeah, that sums it up.
03: WANG CHUNG! YES! YEEEEEES! "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" is numbuh three!

02: "Achy Breaky Heart"? Is number two? Whaaaaaaaaa? And dude. Billy Ray Cyrus looks a little like Nathan Fillion in some of the shots. It's kind of creepy.

01: "We Built This City"! HAHA! Ahem.

In conclusion: VH1 obv. has no idea what is talking about, as Wang Chung is THE RULER OF YOU ALL MWAHA! AND NOT #3 ON THE LIST, DAMN IT!
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