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I need to stop watching TV and playing video games. And need to sleep. But it's SO not happening.

I'm watching "Digger", Crossing Jordan rerun, on A&E, and I totally love Lily. She has Nigel take a picture of his you-know-what with an instant camera. BWAHA.

And now, as Digger and Jordan reenact the scene, there's this awesome guitar line that sounds damn familiar, but the song itself doesn't, so that's kinda weird.

Aaaand now I'm going to go play some Sims 2, where I have created college-versions of Doug, Joey, Mac, and Judy. Judy and Joey are off to a good start, with their studying, but Doug and Mac decided to play hacky-sack and chess instead of doing anything before their first class. And I need to quit talking like they're real people. Jeez, self.
Tags: 21js, cj, sims 2, tv

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