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All of my old sigs and avs! Hah. No life.

God, I'm bored. So I'm doing what every good loser does when bored: listening to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and reminiscing over old signatures and avatars I've made for roleplaying game characters! And I figured I'd share with the rest of you, because I am just. that. nice. Where I have more than one sig or av for a character, I will place them next to each other for contrast purposes.

Jesse Allen, one of my characters at Hogwarts, A History, a HP RPG that took place in modern day. He was a Ravenclaw, second year possibly, and is the only image to survive from my HAH characters (Lorrc deAstor's set sadly was deleted. Or not so sadly, because it looked like crap. Ditto Alden Carey's). PB is Victor K-something (am too lazy to look up correct spelling; he played Connor on Angel).

Another Victor K-something set, for... Behind/Beyond the Veil? Hell if I can remember. I don't know. But I used his for Benjy Fenwick. This is around the time I discovered contrast and variations, as you can tell from the pictures.

The original Neirin Conall! Played by Jonathan Woodward, using pics of him as Knox on Angel. Possibly made before Knox=evil was revealed.

The new Neirin, using Kyle Gallner. This set uses a She Spies quote, too. Note the vast differences in quality.

From my brief stint as Terry Boot, in which I... never posted. Mwah. Also note, this was LONG BEFORE Sky High was even a dream in the creator's eye. I chose Michael Angarananaoanoaoregano (whatever) because of his role as Maniac and Jack's son.

What RPG was this? Winterhill? Is that what it was called? I believe so. Aka, the inspiration for WHAT. A place where all of us Lumos Sol-ers would go to unwind and write 100 words per post. Ah, Winterhill. This was my crazy detective character. Um, not Goren-type crazy, though. Sociopath crazy. Heh. I have my other characters' art somewhere, but I know not where. I'm rather proud of the av on this one - the way 'Alarick' almost blends into the text brushes. VDO, obv.

Aw, Lucky. Lucky was... a reporter? Auror? Hit wizard? I don't know. I just remember Duncan Ranshaw, who was a sociopathic hit wizard, and played by Sean Maher. This, obv., is Michael Weatherly. I'm torn between loving and despising the text on this sig.

Aaaaand here we go!

My oldest Rushton Andrys Seraphim ("Rush") sig on file, using Max Theroit (spelled wrong!) from Catch That Kid, which I still have not viewed. I like the placement of the text at the top, with the brushes under it. (Note: the bottom of this sig may be cut off/look weird, it always does on my computers, I think it messed up during uploading.)

My other Rush sig on file, this one with Devon Werkheiser from Ned's Declassified, and probably the perfect representation of Rush. Sniff. RUSH! (Hey, Pammy, we neeeeeed to resurrect Rush and Dennis over on T7H.)

In order: Max T, Devon W, and Rory Thost from Phil of the Future/"Ice Queen" episode of JAG (kid who found le dead body)/kid from episode of She Spies. All Rush avs. Because I constantly changed both the person and pictures for Rushy. You'll notice that the one thing they all have in common is a yellow'n'black theme - Rush was Hufflepuffian and Proud Of It.

My oldest Zacharias Smith sig/av on file. While Jensen Ackles as Alec in Dark Angel may be near perfect for Zach, the physical representation was a little... not there. Heh. Hence why everything is shrouded in blue, so you can't tell he has brown hair. Hah.

My current Wacky Zachy set, using Ryan Hansen from VM. The nose is probably off, and I doubt Zach has surfer hair, but damn it, it WORKS.

Okay, this av has two possible sigs to go with. The first is the original, for my geeky jocky knight in shining armor WHAT character, Malc. The other is for my egocentric smartass Slytherin, Patton. And yes. They are the same thing. All of them use David Monahan, circa geek tour as gay Tobey on Dawson's Creek. Mm, gay boy with glasses.

Zacharias' dad, as played by Robert Hoffman III. Heh. I decided to go for simplistic here, and I think it worked.

I think when I made this I was still stuck with thinking of Jensen Ackles as Zacharias, so it was rather heavily influenced by that. Heh.

This set's more Pryce-y than the other, and I think it fits le editor of snark PERFECTLY.

I'm still not happy with this Connor Paolo set, but I've adopted a Danny-like philosophy about it. That is, "Who cares?"

Michael Weatherly as a history teacher. Hm. The mind BOGGLES. Also: craptastical set. Ew.

Set of Marshall Allman for Dylan "Hollywood" Sheridan. I sort of unconciously modelled it after a movie trailer, I realized after I made it. I sort of ADORE this set right now. Especially with the bookends of Nietszche quotes for the sig.

Michael Bendetti! Mm. I just adore the coloring in this. The quote's a Terry Pratchett original, which helps too. Just made this tonight.

Also, I hope you all made note of 01:02:03AM, 04/05/06 that was about fifty minutes ago. Last time until 2106!
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