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"Alright, tell me! Damn my curiousity!"

Spoilers for tonight's Veronica Mars.

Previously: FELIX DIED! OH NOEZ! Weevil/Logan teamed up and made out! Weevil nearly kicked Curly's head in! Danny works in construction! (...surprise?)

Bwaha to the video behind the teacher. That amuses me SO MUCH OMG.

His shirt looks like it says 'jackass', not 'slacker'. Heh.

"That's funny, it sounds a lot like my essay."
"Yeah. Weird."

Aw. Felix. He wanted to be a trucker, get married, and have kids. Sniff.

"You work it, girlfriend!"

"Ooh, tell me more about that band dork..."

"Excuse me guys, I believe I'm getting 'the nod'."

"No, seriously, I'm gonna need fifty bucks if you expect me to keep listening."

"Alright, tell me! Damn my curiousity!"

"I think that's scout's honor, you need to-"
"Not important. Moving on."

Heh. Saving his life.

Whoo, theme song! Aaand Duncan is still in it. Sigh. Still the best theme in the biz, though.

OMG, it's Mr. Cho!

Whoo, Cook mentioning! Hooray!

Mac's in this episode! Hey! And so is Deputy Sachs!

"This is study hall. Do you two know what we do here?"
"Give me a minute, I think I know this one."

The age thing! Dorkwad! Aw, Mac/Cassidy is the sweetest thing since cotton candy.

"Do you want to go to the big dance, Cassidy?"

"You, get your mind out of the gutter." AW!

"That's going to get old real soon."

Haha, she grabbed the keys.

"God, you're a pest."

"My memory gets a little fuz- wait. Who are you?"

"We should invite him to speak at FBLA."

"Follow the bouncing ball. Not. My. Problem."

"Run along, Deputy Dawg, go serve your community."

BWAHA! I love how Woody's jaw dropped when he saw it was Logan. Haha. "Cancel that last request I made."

"Your left hand please."
"OW! Ah, that burns. Just kidding."

"I do. Now, if you'll excuse me..."
"Where are you going?"
"I'm going to fire the sheriff."

Oh, Logan. I love you!

Hey, it's Keith!

"That's Honorary Deputy County Commissioner Echolls to you."

Oh, God, Woody.

"Um, there's something you gentlemen should probably see."

"So I'm guessing this goes in the anti corporation pile."

"Does defeaning silence count?"

"When they start shipping your girlfriends off, I think you're officially a bad boy." High-fives.

"Her dad and your dad should get together and go bowling."

Haha, I sort of love Luis.

Wow, nice look Veronica! I like that look right there.

"That we need tougher immigration laws?" BWAH.

"Golly Miss Molly."

Mac's taller than V! OMG!

"I made out once, back in the day... I think he had me pinned up against a wooly mammoth."

"Slutty is YOUR word choice."

"Helped me brush the dog hair off my pants once."

"It was supposed to be your future, wasn't it?"

WHOA! "NO, I LOVED HIM!" Jeez, Weevil.

"I was admiring her sweater."

"I got news for you: there's not a bad color for you."

Haha, look at the assholes' faces as she strikes preemptively.

"Hey, bud. I wouldn't."

Ruh roh, Logan, don't steal Woody's signature!

Woody's sooo creepy. And is this the same Hot-Lamb-Gym? It looks like it.

God, Logan, why the argyle?

Woody's a pedophile! I bet you anything.

Aw, Molly. And uh-oh.

"Don't call him that!"

"How he plugged the good ship Molly-pop." And Danny cracks up.

Whoa. So Molly was wired? Or, um. Sorry. I was being an idiot. Obv. it's in the yellow mini-semi. *smacks self*

Roman history. "Man, that Caligula." Oh, hee.

"Guess he's here."

"I guess he's handicapped."

"I told you, when I start picking losers, it's all you."

"Bonus points for bringing the perp with you."

"Thumper. He's got such a cute nickname."

"Note the abscence of a silver platter."

"This was more to point you in the right direction, rather than doing your job for you."

"Not just yet, Dirty Harry."
"In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a mick cop."
"Okay, Dirty Sanchez."

Whoa... November or December?

"I guess my next question would be... got another tree?"

Oh, man. Woody. *smacks him*

Dude! Love this song! It's the daydream nation song again! Not that it would actually be playing at a high school dance, of course.

"Don't worry gang, if she's a two at ten, then she's a ten at two."

"It's like I'm evolving!" I love Logan's 'Sweet Jesus' look. Hee!

Whoa, what the hell? Weevil grabbed Thumper, and there's kids in the car behind them?

"All the crepe paper in the world could not turn this place into garden."

Uh oh, Jane/Wallace is looking bad.

Haha, poor Logan, being stuck with Gia. Hee.

Aw, Jackie.

This dance just isn't a dance with Leo. Sniff. LEEEEEEEEEO! Please let him become a Hearst campus security guard next season (which WILL happen).

WHOA! Wallace! You have a girlfriend!

Aw, Jackie being the good girl. It's... a little odd.

Don't take him back, Jane! NOOO! Damn it. I love Wallace, but that's not RIGHT.


"So? Dick's always there."


"You, you run from the truth."
"Only when it chases me."

"You know, I do, but it doesn't always work."

And he's about to start, and Veronica grabs him.

Haha, it's also a LoVe song. Oh, Rob Thomas, you tricky fox you. You KNEW the LoVers would be pissed if you didn't use Sway for them, and you managed to give it meaning for us non-LoVers too! I love you, dude. And I can actually sort of almost get behind LoVe again. I mean, I'm not going to be obsessing over it or reading fics for it or anything, but... I'm not so much going to mind it anymore. Aw. (I still want Leo to return, and get his own love interest. Maybe Madison will get sick of older older guys, and go for a younger older guy? Haha, no. But what about Leo/Gia? Their names sort of go together, even. Three letters, the last two being vowels. Hm. Leo/Gia. That could sort of rock.)

Whoa. So Weevil's using the Fitzpatricks for his revenge? NICE! Weevil, you are smarter than me.

What the hell is with the 'coming up next' commercial? It's already three-quarters done with!

Aw, man, Jane, don't continue with that thought! It was stupid Wallace's fault!

"Duct tape, is there anything it ain't good for?"

"My wife is... tough."

Please have made a copy of it, Keith. Goody is creepy!

He DID! Because Keith is smart!

He knows Thumper's bike? Interesting. Lamb's up on the local gangs.

Oh, Wallace. Finally you come clean! And I love that Jackie's socially smarter than Wallace, it fits.

Aw, awkwardness with Cassidy and Mac!

"Is it me?"
"No, it's the tater-tots."

Oh, Cassidy, with your insecurity issues.

"You talked to Veronica about me?"

"Well you weren't. But you are now."

WHAT?! NO! You can't break up MacGyver! It don't work like that!

Is that Goody?

AND OMG! THEY PUT THUMPER IN THE STADIUM! SWEET FANCY JESUS! So it's technically Logan killing Thumper! Wow. The irony is so dramatic it kills me. And, um, Thumper, I guess.

And then Weevil goes to confession.

I like the entirely random children's laughter right before Rob's name.

Next week, on an all-new Veronica Mars: "They're dying to tell me something. Freaky, right?"

Well. Um. Wow. I- I can't actually think quite yet. I'm just... this is just... wow. I'm going to go watch Tanglewood, and lament what happened to poor old Joey Penhall.
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