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"In fact, I wasn't permitted a table."

Spoilers for tonight's Numb3rs.

Don's so very short!

Yeah, I'll say that's some bad news. Sheesh.

"I read the technology section." HEE!

Colby needs a haircut.

"By 'we', I mean Charlie."

"Hm, I've got you thinking like a mathematician."

Neptune, as in California!

Soap and pepper? Okay. WHOA! That's so cool. I wanna do that.

Dark Matter Guild. God, that is SO high school boy. Yesterday, boys in my Media class were talking about THEIR online guilds, all with equally stupid names.

Haha, Colby doesn't read the geek section, just the tech section.

Haha, Larry and asteroids.

I love that they had Colby go in to scope the place out. That amuses me for SO many reasons.

Well, I guess they know who the shooters is now, eh?

"If this weren't the next millenium, I'd be certain it was 1984."

"It's her smile, ask her."
"Can someone clue me in here?"

Well, that's a little creepy.

Commercial!: Inappropriate Teletubby talk? OH NOEZ!

Okay, the principal is a little... um. Tall.

"You said we were supposed to do something earlier!"
"That thing, you said, let's go do that."

"I don't know what the third thing is, but dinner sounds great."

Oh, Colby. ISP and deleted files and I LOVE YOU!

Evil twin kit? Uh. Okay.

Two hundred kids in Colby's high school. Ah, something for us to bond over!

"Five bucks says he runs."
"Yeah? Ten bucks says I catch him."

"I got nuthin' to say!"
"Yeah, that one's new."

My hair resembles Don's at this moment. Only a little more afro-like. Hm. I need to stop paying attention to the hair, and more attention to the storyline.

"So shooter number three is just a lousy snake, or what?"

"In fact, I wasn't permitted a table."

"Ooh, country club, you're one of those?"

See, THEY don't have the 'talking about work on dates' problem that Charlie and Amita do!

"Wait, wait. You and Larry had dinner last night." Don loves his emphasises.

I love it when Colby name-drops things.

The guy playing Jake looks familiar.

"Your moron friend took a picture of you with his cell phone."


"I like seeing how they spin it."

"There's a lovely pot roast in the fridge."
"Ah, man, that thing's a week old."
"How would you know that? Oh, right, you eat here more often than I do."

In conclusion: Colby's hot, and I never shot up any of my high schools - or my middle school or elementary school, and I had actual reason to back then.
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