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"Jordan as a mom, who thought THAT was a good idea?"

Spoilers for the latest Crossing Jordan.

"Jordan as a mom, who thought THAT was a good idea?" Preach it, brother!

Great. Ironic transitioning. Eye-roll. And it doesn't take ALL teenage girls "forever" to get ready in the mornings. It takes me ten minutes, tops.

OH, GROSS. Jesus Almighty, CJ! What the hell?

Damn, no Seely this episode! Stupid people.

Huh, who's playing Nate? He looks familiar.

You people DO need crosswalks.

Whoa, dude. Seventeen kids? And Kayla will make seven kids that they're raising right then? Jeez.

"All shot to death sitting in a car. Pick one."

"You said no, right?"
"Yeah. Why'd you say it like that?"
Jordan IS a teenager.

What the hell? Were Bug and Nigel trading song titles? What was that about?

OUCH. That has to suck. Poor Jordan - maybe this is her karma for cheating on JD?

"She couldn't breathe."
"That's what happens when you stab someone six times!"

"I was helping, they told me to help."
"How does it help someone to stick a knife in them?!"

Damn, Woody! You are sort of an asshole.

Aw, Kayla. I want Kayla to stay with Jordan now. Pleeeease? Yay, Jordan's walking back! Hooray! She wants to keep Kayla!

"I guess I have to be." She LOOKS at her. "Uh, I mean, absolutely! Completely! Oh yes!"

"What the hell kind of argument is that?"

Moody, snarky, and hormonal? Hey, it's Jordan!

"Did you walk away when it got too hard? Oh, guess you did." BURN!

This totally reminds me of the Penhall-Hansen fight over the Big Brother program. Remember that? Hah.

I love how Lu shielded the side of her face from Nigel's various terms for masturbation. She amuses me.

"They have the most teeth of any North American mammal."
"I like her."

"She wants me. She's crazy for me."

"To become a foster parent." Woody's face goes 'Oh, shit'.

Woody's kind of a jackass. (I'm JUST realizing this?)

Aw, Lily. You just redeemed yourself to me for SO much.

"Your second problem is that attitude." Oh, lady, you have NO idea.

They're playing the suspected killer's music? Um, okay.

"Confessions of a Broken Heart. Lindsey Lohan."
"That's not music!"

Oh, smooth.

Lu looks a little like Veronica Mars right there. It was odd.

Aw, Bug and Nigel coming through for Jordan! Aw!

Haha! "Coming right up." "I was kidding." Oh, Nige.

I knew it. As soon as they said 'no match found', I KNEW something would happen to Nate.

As soon as they hugged, I knew a knock would come. Haha, I am SO PSYCHIC THIS EPISODE!

Oh no, Jordan's not getting Kayla! (Knew that, too.)

Aaah, so Kayla's mum is alive, then?

Poor Kayla. *hugs her*

Dang, we still got twenty minutes!

So that's Kayla's mum?

Aw, but Jordan's bffs with the po-lice!

Aw, poor Jordan! Poor Kayla!

Commercials: another mysterious death at a state college? Oh, great.

"You could've just as easily said 'the guitarist', or 'the musician'..."

"Or the nutjob, or the-"

"You know, if anyone's crazy around here, it's YOU."

Haha, it was overreacting dude's son whodunnit!

Aw, Woody's apologizing for being a jerk. That's kind of cute.

Aw, Lu. That was sweet.

I like that they got an actress who looks like she could really be Kayla's mom to play her mom.

Damn it, Woody, you have a girlfriend! Quit flirting with Jordan!

Hey, Jordan's actually going to try PROCESSING stuff instead of REPRESSING it! And there was no significant Jordan/Woody movement, so nothing for me to hate them for. Whew.

Next week: "Will Jordan send a celebrity to jail?" My bet? Hell yes.
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