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Mix CDs are fun!

Haha, I'm such a loser. I totally want to see "Stick It" - "Bring It On" for gymnastics. Also, I have 48 users on my flist, 233 communities, and 6 feeds. Those feeds are for memes, Law & Order TV listings, updates to a Veronica Mars website, updates to a website for the MySpaces of people who die, Nigel Blog, and Postsecret. I mean, come on. Is it possible to get more geeky?

To try for more geek points (like scene points, only cooler), here's the track listing for the mix CD I made earlier:

1. "Everybody Wants You", Billy Squier
2. "I Go Crazy", Flesh for Lulu
3. "Plastic Cup Politics", Less Than Jake
4. "Fire in the Twilight", Wang Chung
5. "Battle of Who Could Care Less", Ben Folds Five
6. "All the Pretty Girls Go To The City", Spoon
7. "Ego Trips", The Catalogue
8. "Worker's Song", Dropkick Murphys
9. "Sunshine Highway", Dropkick Murphys
10. "Citizen CIA", Dropkick Murphys
11. "Overrated (Everything Is)", Less Than Jake
12. "The House Rules", Kane
13. "We, The Uninspired", Less Than Jake
14. "Oh My", Mellodrone
15. "Lost Art", Mere Mortals

Shockingly, only four of those wouldn't be on there if it weren't for Veronica Mars. Guess which four! Oh, and speaking of VM (when am I not?), I'm making a music video to LTJ's "Overrated (Everything Is)". It's going pretty good. Then I plan to do one for LTJ's "History of a Boring Town", because irony is FUN!
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