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"Were you watching House of Wax again? You know that Hilton girl gives you nightmares."

Spoilers for the latest Veronica Mars.

Previously: Veronica had attitude with teachers and fell asleep in class! AKA, was a teenager. Also, lotsa people died, but it sounded like a roller coaster on the phone.

Hooray, dead people who love Dick! Bwaha.

Heh. "Dying to tell me something". Haha.

Booty buddy? Bwah.

"So now we're like this."

Haha, Baby on Board shirt! BWAHAHAHAHA!

"In Veronica-land, no pulse, no privacy."

Haha, dead-bus-friend-girl is totally creepy. Like, Goody creepy.

"Were you watching House of Wax again? You know that Hilton girl gives you nightmares."

"How did this get here?"
"I willed it?"

Whoa. So now one of the dead bus kids is the dunnit? Huh. Huuuuuuuuh.

Aw, that was cute.

"Is it because you're five?"

"...and that makes him Lucky?"
"They shot him in the butt. It could be worse."

I so prefer LoVe when they're not eating face.

"Hey, Logan, is there a POINT to this story?"
"Will you let me finish? Jeez."

Smoking pot and playing Halo. Bwaha. That's my entire school.

STUPID LUCKY, you don't snap at my Dick! ...er.

"No, wait, it was you. YOU were too much man."

Oh, Dick. Dick Dick Dick.

"Dude, is Mr. Wu hitting on me?"

"So bad it's good?"

Brokeback Dick! *snerk*

"It's not me, it's Wu." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *dies*

"Excellent. The bar's so low we can step over it."

Dick's gonna come! Hee!


BURN! DICK! HAAAATE. He just dissed Leo. Oh, Dick, you're dead to me.

"You know she's dead, right?"

"Pissed off white trash booty buddy, free tickets. It's a no-brainer."

Dick's the bastard child of Satan. That WOULD explain a lot.

Haha, oh man. There could've been a mini!Casablancas running around!

"Seriously. You ever hear about butch?"

Forty weeks running, Logan. FORTY. Hah.

"Ah. My buffalo burger has arrived." Mm, I'm hungry.

"Must be nice."
"Well, not for the buffalo."

"Oh, foreplay." AHAHAH.

"Wallace, have you met my fluffer?" HEE!

Anorexic for an acceptance letter. Heh.

Yay, she got in! Aw, she was cute.

"Oh, didn't I email you? You're never allowed to die."

Oh My God. It's Gia, all grown up.

"All right! You could be roomies with Veronica Mars. There's a pillowfight I'd like to see."

I love how he calls her Ronnie.

Oh, haha. Poor Dick. Wait, he dissed Leo. BURN DICK BURN.

"I'll see you in summer school, Dick."

"What's time to a hog?" THAT LINE AGAIN!

"Are you sure there's a P before that WT?"

"Is this your car?"
"No, it's my rollerskate."

"Why aren't you learning something?"
"And a good day to you too, sir!" I love her voice when she said that.

I thought she was going to say Just Shoot Me.

I love how there's egg all over the floor.

Tinseltown AGAIN? Jeez.

Aw, the Logan/Lilly pic. I love that.

Haha, they rerun it twice a day. I was totally going to make a joke.

"I am a great father." YOU SO ARE.

Two mil is the general payout for secret lawsuits, innit? The whole Madison-Mac affair?

I adore the voiceovers this episode, so's you know.

AHAHAHA! I love it. Veronica's hiding in the closet, and just smiles at him.

"Yep. That's mine all right." He is SUCH a dad.

"I totally carried the pity vote."

...Peter/Mr. Wu. OMG. *g*

"In the way I think you're implying, no."

"Many of them are just Asian." AHAHAHA!


Daft Punk song. Hoorah.

Woody is so a molester. Oh yeah.

I sort of almost want a spin-off where all the dead bus kids hang out on the underwater bus. Maybe like a MST3K thing. That would be ridiculously kickass, you don't even KNOW.

Commercial: "I can't concentrate... could I be pregnant?" OR YOU COULD JUST HAVE ADD, DUMBASS. Sorry. I just hate that commercial.

3.8 vs 3.2. Heh.

"Busy Beaver, always working."

"Story of my life." Aw, Cassidy.

I love Logan's shirt. It amuses me.

Haha, theirs is all Pirated out. I love it.

"You are such a catch."

Wallace advocating for Logan. Something I NEVER thought I'd see.

Haha, I love the one kid sitting there playing with the static globe thing. Heh.

I sort of like Cervando. He's cute.

"And Rosebud was just a sled. ...I didn't just ruin Citizen Kane for you, did I?"

"Ooh, what do you think this means, Veronica? Think I got what it takes for art school?" Oh, Marcos. You are so hot, so gay, and SO DEAD.


Damn. It. All.

Next week, on an all-new Veronica Mars: "I'm sure he's crushed." OH MY GOD. Hey, a rat. Someone's gonna get shot, and if it's Keith, I'll be hella pissed.

Fun fact: I am now taking Prozac (I believe I mentioned this earlier?) and according to Wikipedia, the manufacturer? Is ELI LILLY and Company.

Eli Lilly. You can't make this shit up.
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