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"I don't usually write my number of the chests of dead men."

Spoilers for the latest CSI: New York.

Haha, Super Bowl vs. Superman.

Aw, Jane (?) is kind of cute. For a reporter. Who's hitting on Flack, who is totally gay.

I love that the pre-credits zinger was... unspoken. Let the scene speak for itself, which it SO DID. Haha.

God, SHUT UP LINDSAY. We get it. You're badass and a tomboy. NOW SHUT UP.

Danny, shut up. Quit flirting with her. PLEASE. You're breaking Flack's heart.

Superman's dead, and so is Superman. Haha. That amuses me.

OOH! Sports!geek M.E.! I love that guy.

Giovanni Ribisi! That's who Adam reminds me of! I probably realized that before.

Mac-man. Sgt Rock. Lt Dan. Haha.

Adam is so the new Greg

Krypton. AHA.

Pino! That's his name. I love this guy, with his jersey-wearing. He plays basketball with Danny and Flack. You know it.

God, Pino is so hot. I want a scene with him and Hawkes, and Danny and Flack. And then I will burst into flame. But in a good way.

I bet the manager-guy didn't do it.

Superman was crazy. Okay then.

Course his name was Clark. OF COURSE.

Flash, Thor, and the Aquaman. BWAHAHAHA.

So. Four people, including the two most senior CSIs, are on the case of a dead crazy person, leaving two of the younger ones to deal with a high profile sports murder? 'Kay then. I'm sure that makes sense.

"Do you know him?"
"Oh yeah."
Flack is so hot when he laughs. And smiles. And frowns. And has no expression. And- I'll just stop now, okay?

I love the squad room. Fun times. Less cubicles than Aurora PD, too.

"I wanna see your pretty face."

"You run around in tights and cape doin' good, somethin' bad's gonna happen."

Hillbilly heroin. Haha. Haven't heard that one for Oxycontin.

"Thought we were supposed to be like brothers, man."
"Yeah, well, sometimes brothers fight."

Do we really need a Numb3rs-esque-Charlie-explanation-sequence display for figuring out this?

And wouldn't you do a reverse telephone directory thing instead of just calling them? I mean, duh?

"I don't usually write my number of the chests of dead men."

Shut up Lindsay.

Ooh, Hawkes.

I want one of these machines, the ones where you run different lights through to see different inks? I WANT IT. If I go into forensic science, I'd so be a questioned documents examiner. I could work for the Secret Service, detecting counterfietting!

My dad was a Marine, and he shined his boots real good. Like, super-shine.

I feel sorry for homeless!brother. Even before he told the story of how Clark got special. Aw.

I love how Danny's constantly talking or making noises. It's adorable.

Haha, they're verbally reviewing suspects and evidence. Reminds me of In Justice. Oh, IJ, I'ma miss you.

4th and Longmount. Wha?

That's kind of cool. I like the mystery-novel feel of this storyline.

Was Danny just jumping up and down when Lindsay found the murder weapon? Because if so, I shake my head at him.

Ooh, Stella Stella. You were so very hot, explaining the handwriting analysis. (Handwriting analysis and I go waaaay back. I did a report on it for my eighth grade Crime Scene Investigation class, and have loved it since.)

OOH. Danny, you so very very hot right now. Wear that outfit more often, instead of your gay-in-a-bad-way outfits you tend to wear.

He's not even PRETENDING to be sad. Hah. That amuses me.

I love how Danny looks a little sad, like he sympathizes with the guy, and Lindsay looks triumphant like the bitch she is.

Aw, Danny. You so cute.

Haha, I love that Flack, Mac, AND Stella are all in the interrogation room together. That amuses me.

Mac REALLY doesn't like the orderly.

Well, this montage is a little cheesy. But that's okay. Because it's good cheesy. And aw, I love how Flack is chasing people, Lindsay and Hawkes are doing science-y stuff, Mac and Stella are arriving at a scene, and Danny is... handing out footballs. BWAH. Oh, Danny.

Next week: "Secrets will be unearthered." Danny's brother goes into the ER! Danny is the murderer! AAAAAAND JOEY PENHALL IS EVIL! Wait, what? Also, SQUEE!

Now, grocery shopping!
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