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I'm so doing a Crossing Jordan Sims 2 game.

Not my usual sort of post, but still spoilers for the latest Crossing Jordan!


Have died and gone to heaven. Check back later.

Oh, and... Dear Writers: I LOVE YOU! I forgive you for everything from the Woody/Jordan soap opera to borrowing the baseball-rapist-but-not-really storyline from approximately twelve other crime shows.

Amusing sidenote: A few months back, I wrote a critique of the episode "The Elephant in the Room" for my research class. In it, I had about once-per-paragraph paranthetical statements along the lines of 'Dear writers: WHAT HAPPENED TO PETER?!'. So I take this as a shout-out to me. Now they just need to promise to bring Matt back, and bring him back regularly.

Also, Lu has Woody PINNED. PIIIIINNED. He is totally trying to keep his options open. Because he's an ASS.

Even though they were "in the wrong" (because Jordan Must Always Be Right), I agreed with Lu and Jeffrey this episode. Of course, I'll probably agree with both on almost anything, because I like them/feel sorry for them by equal measure. Lu, because she'll be sacrificed to the Woody/Jordan and is a pretty kickass character, and Jeffrey because he's dating Lily and has that awesome ringtone for Walcott. (I cracked up SO BAD when that happened.)

And aw, to Macy taking Jordan out on a "date". (Quotation marks are because

Next week: "Who would kill a saint?" Father Patrick Fitzpatrick! That's my bet. Wait, sorry, wrong show. I got confused with the whole gay-baseball-player thing - the guy this episode could've even been a grown-up Kelly Kuzio! Awesome.

And as the subject line says, so shall I do.
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