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"Is any of this relevant? Should I make a list?"

Spoilers for the latest VM!

Previously: tons of shit happened, I don't even know. Also, dramatic irony killed Thumper. BAMBI'S NEXT!

"Plus, I watch Animal Planet." Heh.

Aaand the Duncan-bring-up.

"Small, blonde, BORN ready."


"That's a Disney movie, isn't it?"

Ah, locker searches. Fun times, fuuuuun times.

Buddy the snake. Hoo boy.

"Someone was hungry."
"Someone was baby-talking a python."

"I got mugged. By my own principal."

"Please, respect the business model. *I* do the gadgets, *you* do the actual espionage."

"He changed his lock? Man, he's gotten paranoid."

Jeez, Butters GREW. Especially for a sophomore.

"THAT was your secret knock?"

Butters, oh Butters. This is SO awkward. I feel so sorry for him. And for Mac.

"Who else would brag about meeting Satan halfway?" HEE!

"Now hop your ass off before you scratch my paint."

"I'm sure he's crushed." OH MY GOD, WEEVS, I HEART YOU!

"Are you telling me you wouldn't off the guy who killed Felix?" DUDE. SO reminiscent of Gibbs' question of Mac at the end of the JAG episode "Ice Queen".

Gia's in the episode.

"Any way I could pay you in meat?"

HAH. "Pricey graduation story goes here". I think I have a crush on the editor now. Or the props guy. Bwah.

"If she sucks, you'll fire her? Okay, she's hired!"


"Logan may be a little fuzzy on the Commandments." You're kidding, really?

"I'm not blond!"
"Or hot."

Webcam, bwah.

"Day of the crash, day of the crash... I'm really going to have to consult my feelings journal."

"Is any of this relevant? Should I make a list?"

WHOA. Duuuuuude. Dog-killing-car blew up the bus!

"It's been two. weeks. That's, like, a decade in high school years."

Jeez, Wallace. Nice way to be a jackass. See what working with Logan for ONE class does to ya? (Don't shoot, please!)

"You're a cheerleader or something, right?"
"Or something."

"Might like that. OW!"
"No, I don't think you would."

"I hate fake deer too. Every time I see their stupid fake deer faces, I just wanna grab a shotgun and go all Cheney on them."

"Do you have some deep seated deer issues you wanna talk about?"

They bitches. Oh, Hector. If you wuz gonna?

Kendall's yearbook?

"And she was voted most likely to commit murder-for-profit? That would REALLY support our latest theory."

Priscilla Banks? Wire fraud? Uh.

"Admit it, the old man's got some PI chops." Oh, Keith. You are SO the best dad ever.

HAH, I was just thinking that. What fun is watching Wheel of Fortune when you're blind?

It's a guuuuuuuuuuuuuun! I bet ya that WAS gunshots we done did hear, not the explosion. I thought it was gunshots.

Aw, Kendall's mom is dead.

"Is that your tail I see between your legs?"
"No, but I can see how you'd be confused."

"How's that working out for him?" BURN.

Maybellene lashes! Hah.

I love their antagonistic relationship.

"Keep it."
"Yeah, Clemmons changed his locks, it's worthless."

Aw, V being the go-between with Jackie and Wallace. So sweet.

"That's great!"
"...it's in Paris."
I love Wallace's '...oh' look.

Barricuda on the move! God, Legends of the Hidden Temple flashbacks, much?

PLEASE tell me that Veronica took the bullets out of the gun when she found it.

Pleeeeease let Keith be okay.


Oh, SHIT. Liam.


"Move, or you're a hood ornament."

"Why was the former sheriff in my house?"

"Bullets are in the ashtray. Think we should return them?"

Keith took Kendall's hard drive! Bwahaha!

"I'm not speaking you to. Butters is asking if he should rent a room for prom night. I'm doing this for your dad. Your wish is my shift-command. ...little computer humor there."
"I liked it better when you weren't speaking to me."

I love the mic-spic contrast. It amuses me. So is the contrast of Weevil-Liam.

So this is, what, their traditional beat-down area?

"You'll wanna watch your back."
"Why? You're going to be watching it for me."

Dude. I love that he rescues them, but doesn't go back. That's some sweet awesomeness right there, yo.

WHOA. Cormic/Kendall? AWRIGHT!

Me: "Kendall made bus go boom!"

Aw, I'm liking the Wallace/Jackie flirting.

THAT'S what the hair was for! OH! Wow.

Whew. Proof that, whatever else she does, Veronica DOES have morals.

Next week, on an all-new Veronica Mars: Far more shit happens than I even want to THINK about, yo, because my brain, she go boom like bus. Also, it's not what it looks like. And, it's very creepy. Possibly not the same 'it', but there you go.

Whew. I'm not sure I can even think about the implications to the seasonal arcs at this point. I may not even try.
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