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"Sweet dreams, dead man."

Spoilers for the latest CSI:NY.

Welcome to this, Tanglewood part 2. Now, let us all chant: DANNY ANGST, DANNY ANGST, DANNY ANGST, WHOO! And now, I prepare myself for an evil Joey Penhall (sorry, Michael D, that's who you're always gonna be to me).

Quick, to the Macphone! Dun dun! (Sorry.)

Well, I guess you're not going to have to take them much longer. Bwah.

FLACK! You look cute with your hair like that. Mm.

East Rutheford? I guess that's the Giants endzone.

Uh, I don't think that was a shotgun. I think that was, you know, NOT a shotgun.

Haha, I WANT one of those. Ground penetrating radar, indeed.

Heh, Jimmy Hoffa.

"There's only one way to tell whether an urban legend is true or not. Dig up the truth." Sigh, Mac.

Hi, Hawkes!

I wonder how the Giants feel about this.

Kickass song, dudes. "Worldwide suicide"?

I love Hawkes's geekiness over the bones.

Oh, EW. I DON'T NEED TO SEE STELLA MAKING OUT WITH HER BOYFRIEND, THANKS FOLKS. Especially when they're rolling around like that. Thanks, but no thanks.

Hey, 'and Michael DeLuise'! Whoo! Go Joey!

The CEO is RIP! Hee! Danny, I bet you were just WAITING for the opportunity to say that. Like, I bet you thought that up while in the academy.

He gets his underwear in a three pack! Me too! ...what, TMI?

Red fingerprinting dust! Cool!

"Thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"
"Crime of passion?"
"That's what I'm thinkin'."

"I could lift the Titanic if you got me the proper tools."
"What kind of tools do you need?"
"A microwave."

I am SO glad I finished eating before I watched this. GROSS. I'm not eating any rare steaks in the next, oh, millenium.

Danny so had recognition in his eyes when Mac mentioned it was in Jersey. HE SO DID.

Oh, man. GROSS again. And the ME isn't wearing his cool glasses.

Please don't tell me this was the first time that they used the 'ribs to go' joke. Because if so... oh, CSI.

SONNY SASSONE! I actually yelled it right before Mac said it. Same tone, too. Bwah. I love me.

Oh, Joey. You need to shave. PLEASE.

"I have to say. I'm not worried about this."

Hah, finally a mention of how expensive it all is.

I want one of THOSE too, damn it. Who needs forensic artists when you can just run a computer program, am I right?

"Tell them not to make a spectacle out of the headline."
"It's New York Weekly... I'll try."

"I love women." In a strictly platonic way, right Danny?

Jeez, what's with all the smoke stuff?

FLACKY! He seems rather bemused by this place. He's so gay.

Ew. They call him Daddy and then tongue him. That's so wrong.

Hah, line 'em up! Also, I love that Flack is holding the already-done swabs. He's like her assistant!

Hey, foreign languages! Fun times!

The headline! Oh, the headline!

That's something that's new, the parent admitting to their child being a drug dealer.

Damn it, show, you were doing so well with keeping Montana off my screen! Well, at least she's not talking yet.

DANNY! NOOO! You smoked? WHY? Um. Sorry. That was me being a weird little freak. I really meant to say that no, Danny, you're not a murderer!

You shoulda gone to Flack if you wanted a friend, not a boss.

Aw, flackback!Danny, his brother running him off. Poor boy. So how old was flashback!Danny?

Oh, Danny. I love that everyone else is hanging around outside, including Adam. That's sort of "Aw".

Damn it, director, you had to zoom in on Lindsay's stupid face?

"It makes my legs look sexy, see?"

"Give it up Melanie, I like men."

The guy playing Louie is a lot cuter in his online pics. Similarity between his and Danny's chins, though. Which is... odd.

"Don't worry about Sonny Sassone, he's made enough trouble for Danny." Aw, Lou.

Oh, GROSS. Dead pig.

"I'll stab, you compare."

An oyster-shucking knife? Okay then.

Hospital job? LOUIE! OH NOEZ! I do love how shook up Flack is. He's worried about his crush, aw!

DANNY! Oh, my angst puppy. Hugs for my angst puppy!

Ew, Mac. I realize this is for the case, but it's still gross.

"We're never out of evidence. Your words, not mine."

God, did Mac JUST realize that's what could've happened? Because if so? MAC'S A DUMBASS. I figured that out, like, as soon as Danny mentioned that Louie used to bum smokes off of him.

Montana, get the fuck off my screen.

Whoo, Flacky! Coming to visit Danny! And Mac's totally telling him to stick Danny, and Flack said "We're not going anywhere, trust me."

Mac is totally a Flack/Danny shipper, you know it.

"In a court of law, that looks bad!"

Only ten minutes left! ARGH.

"Who the hell are you?"
"Who the hell are you?"

"Some people you just can't save." Please don't let that carry over to Louie, folks. Unless Flack can comfort Danny.

Dude, what the hell is that in Louie's personal effects?

A wire? Whoa. I guess the Messers do eventually go law-abiding. May take a while, but there ya go.

"Still gotta say, I'm not worried about this."

"You worried now? Looks like I finally found a way to shut you up."

"Sweet dreams, dead man."

God. I'm sorry, but that's an ugly-ass piece of art. One of the many, many reasons why I will not be majoring in any art-related fields.

Aw. Danny calls his mom 'Mommy'. And both of his parents are alive, that's good.

Poor Louie, he's in a coma.

Oh, Danny. Breakin' my heart.

Oh, Danny. You're making me cry with your crying. You're still a little boy in so many ways.

Did she JUST realize that it was her last name backwards? God, EVERYONE caught a lot of the stupid this episode.

Next week: Kid Rock! And scenes of Stella being chased! OH NOEZ!
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