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"If you ever want to talk, I'm number two on your Nextel."

Spoilers for the latest Numb3rs.

I thought we were supposed to think she DIDN'T kill herself? The opening didn't give me much hope.

"Well, clearly that's where all the pretty girls show up."
"Agent Eppes, I don't think I've been hit on at a gun range before."

I KNOW this song, what is it?

So why is the FBI investigating a suicide? I'M SO CONFUSED.

ATF guy is kind of hot.

Aw, Don's an angst puppy! He's not QUITE as good at it as Danny on CSI:NY, but he's still damn good.

Okay, so I guess it's actually part of their job description.

Hey, I'M on Prozac! Shut up!

And was Dylan Bruno totally not listed as appearing this episode? Damn it.

"It does say behaviorist on my job description."

"If you ever want to talk, I'm number two on your Nextel."

I love that Larry just equated stars to people. Bwah.

"What, they're handing out guns to the clinically depressed?"

And again with the stars!

Whoo, that looks fun! Heh.

"Figure your nails so clean, you gotta be FBI."

And yeah, Colby's definitely not in this episode. I shoulda realized that when David was the first fibbie on the scene, Colby always gets that job when he's on. He better be a credits-regular next season, or I'll be pissed.

People kill themselves all the time for stupid-ass reasons, I'm not sure I believe it can be quantified like this.

Dude, Charlie, NOBODY gets how they score figure skating, don't even TRY.

The last person she called was Don? Daaaaang. I mean, not that I didn't see it as soon as David said "It's on page two".

Maybe he's a gunrunner! ATF gunrunner, come on yo!

LEOs are more likely to kill themselves than civvies. Makes sense.

And Charlie's worrying about Don's love life. Bwah.

"What's even worse, you've made HIS work your life."
"Look who's talking."

What exactly is picture!Don holding?

Whoa, she had cancer?

Hey, I remember something about acoustice fingerprinting. But what? What do I remember?

Hah, because all the Rob Morrow pictures were taken on set specifically for #s, and all YOUR pictures are old pieces from your past movies, THAT'S why, Alan.

I knew he was going to the bats. They ALWAYS go to bats.

The Doppler effect! I know about that! It's why cars sound different coming than going.

Daaang, we still got a half hour!

Whoa. That's a little creepy. But in a cool way. Don't even need the real person's DNA to figure out who they are!

Hah, I love the giant DNA model.

I knew Larry would bring up the ethical side.

Hah, Charlie threw something at him! And he threw back! So cute.

I love how she gave in after Don did his sad-puppy look.

"Well, you know where I work, right?" I like her, she's cute.

Oh, ick. To both death scenes.

I love that there's cereal all over the place, but the styrofoam cup is still standing up right next to him. That amuses me.

"Why Larry, do you have something to hide?"
"No, my genes are as pure as undriven snow."

"It's like some bizarro DNA world."

Haha, decapitated kid. Um. That sounds bad. You know what I mean!

Hah, TASER! But in Aurora, you're not supposed to carry those on raids, or even on building searches. No less lethals, only your gun.

Don looks ready to shoot that guy.

I KNEW it was going to be Roe. KNEW it. The second we met the team.

This is one HELL of an operation, yo. I mean, seriously. This is like, Ocean's 11... only with evil federal agents and people actually dying.

Yay, David got one!

I love that everyone's wearing masks, of the bad guy, BUT Roe.

SWEET! Don shot his ankles! That was so kickass, you don't even KNOW.

I love how Charlie's all worried for his big brother. Aw.

And I knew he was going to the AUSA's house. KNEW it. I sooooo good. I, like, awesome-good!

Next week: Colby is either back, or I am totally pissed off. Ahem. Anyway. Even math can't stop a bullet! Someone gets shot! And it better be a random extra, or I am choking a bitch, yo.
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