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"What point in our dysfunctional relationship would you like to revisit?"

Spoilers for the latest CJ.

Argh, these camera shots are annoying. I like seeing the characters outside of the morgue, police station, and crime scenes.

Who wants to bet that's Jeffrey's sister or mother or cousin or something? I bet!

God, I'm having total "Brother Hansen and the Miracle of Brenner's Pond" flashbacks. Although at least it's a dead chick, and not a teenage boy.

Hey! 'The boy' in mini!Jack/hostagetaking!Kody! Creepy. Michael Welch needs to stop showing up on EVERY DAMN SHOW I WATCH, jeez.

Woody, why are you doing your interrogation stance over miniJack? And why are you wearing that shirt? That shirt might look good on Seely, but on you? Um, ick.

"He's not lucky, he's still dead."
"I meant for us

"Take as needed for symptoms of vertigo."
"Wow, bad career choice."

God, Lily, shut up. Please.

"What was that about?"
"Dunno, but if I were you I'd go find out."

Haha, I love how he immediately runs out.

"It's not some slinky brunette, it was my mother!" I WIN!

"Oh my God, I am dating a thirty-two year old's mama boy."

"Maybe I should change my last name to Goldberg."
"...would you?"
"...I was kidding!"

"Why are being this way?"
"What way?"

"What point in our dysfunctional relationship would you like to revisit?"

Hm, Bug's doctor-crush's dad was a thief! Crazy.

"What is he yammering on about now?" Hah, Woody, amen. (Pun not intended. Srsly.)

"Please, please, PLEASE don't make me shoot a priest!"

"Woody, this passport is from the Vatican."

"I don't think the proof's in her underwear drawer."

To be a saint, don't you need towo documented miracles before your death and one after? So how could you be a LIVING saint? Or did I just pay far too much attention to that one Law & Order: CI episode?

"It's all coming together quite nicely."

"Do you ever listen to yourself?"

I love Lu. Just want to get that out there right now. She totally rocks. I want a Boston PD spin-off, ASAP, so that I don't have to feel like I'm supposed to choose between Seely and Lu, because I WON'T DO IT!

"How good looking is she?" Bug glares. "THAT good looking?"

Ick. That is NOT one of my top ways to go. Buried alive under stones? Dying from suffocation under there? No thanks.

"God sucks."
"I know it feels like that-"
"Don't talk to me like that."
Haha. I like this poor grieving father.

After being run into for the second time in less than a minute: "Am I invisible?"

"Well, if he won't sell, I can hold him down while you steal the ball." Oh, Bug, you're so adorable.

Whoa, the saint is wanted for murder? DUN DUN.

I KNOW this guy, where from?

"Well, I am a greedy son of a bitch."

Jeffrey so wants to shoot his mother. You can tell. And hah, his father thinks he's gay.

Oh, man. Mrs. Brandau needs to shut up.

"On morgue time?"
"I get breaks."

"How is that possible, Nigel? Well, I'll tell you, Dr. Macy."

HAH! SAME EXACT REASON AS IN "Brother Hansen...", mwah. I so called it.

Jordan just made out with WOODY AND LU. OMG. I love this episode.

"For what? Destroying his entire belief system."

"Less wind-up, more pitch."

I actually believe the kid, even though he's got motive and opportunity in spades - and wow, Woody took the words out of my mouth.

I still say Father Patrick Fitzpatrick is the killer.

"Mickey Mantle died in 1995." BWAHA! I love it.

"You son of a bitch."
"But not a greedy one."

"Guess a watched pot never boils."
"Sometimes it does."

Ooookay, am liking the grieving father less now that he's a murderer.

Hm, I like Woody's hair in this scene. I know I should be focusing on the badness of burying that chick alive, but still. I'm shallow, remember.

Hey, Lily's leaving! Whoo! Party at my house, everyone's invited! *dances* Macy better not talk her out of it, or I will shoot him. Look, Garrett, you have a chance to get rid of her, LET HER GO. And let's NOT to be bringing up the Macy/Lily subplot.

"He turned out to be a reasonable guy after all." HAH, for a certain price.

"Man, how badly did you screw up?"
"Oh, you have no idea."

I KNEW this was coming, but it's still a little surprising. Lily and Jeff are getting married! Yay!

I love that Bug and his new girlfriend were watching

"Nigel's always right, just ask him."

The reason you've grown apart is because you pissed off the wardrobe department, Woody. I mean, sweet fancy Jesus. Quit thinking you're Seely and can wear things taht would look good on him, because it don't work like that, boyo.

Next week: "You ever have one of those days?" All the time, dude. Looks like we're long overdue for some Macy drama.

I mentioned Seely far too often for an episode without any Seely. I think I'm going to make a Lu icon, so I can stop using Seely icons for non-Seelysodes.
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