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Blame the sleep deprivation, as per the usual.

Oh, God, someone tell me WHY OH GOD WHY I volunteered to work the City Volunteer's Banquet tomorrow? 4PM-9PM, working parking and serving and who-the-hell-actually-knows-what. They didn't train us for this, damn it! Unless we're going to be searching the guests at the banquet, NOTHING we've been taught will come into play! And I don't think my Class A is ironed at all, so it's going to look all crap.

Oh. Right. I remember now. I volunteered because the alternative was go to the normal meeting, and I'd rather work for five hours doing mind-numbing menial jobs I have no idea how to do than try and make small talk with my fellow explorers. Gar.

In other news: it appears that I, along with (assumably) the vast majority of my school, will be participating in an immigration protest this Monday. I just hope we don't get arrested. I mean, presumably this wouldn't happen; billions of protests go off without any charges being filed or tear gas being thrown or whatever. I mean, presumably!

I need to get some sleep so I don't get all hyperactive and start shrieking "HAMSTER! HAAAAMSTER!" while smacking people. (Yes, I did this today. Yes, there is a story behind it. Hell no, you don't wanna know.)

Oh, and before I forget: I DID watch tonight's CSINY, and thought it was brilliant, but didn't record my thoughts because I got a whole ton of new books and was busy reading one and didn't have time to set up my computer. And sometimes it's nice just to kick back and relax and just WATCH the episode, ya ken?
Tags: csi:ny, police explorers, rl, tv, weirdness

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