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The Long-Awaited Hamster Story, amongst other things

Everything went swimmingly! New news, too: Dirgo is now Lt. Dirgo. Shiny.

And, since it seemed to be in great demand, the hamster story. It's not near as funny as you're all imagining, just so you know. The other day at lunch, one of the middle school girls had brought a hamster to school (I forget her name; not Grace, but the other animal-lover middle schooler). She had it in this small carrying cage, which was shaped like a school bus and had 'Off to school!' written on the side. She set it on the table while eating lunch with the rest of. Stephanie, because she's like that, kept reaching over and tapping on the side of the container, and nearly knocking it off the table. So on Wednesday, when I was terribly hyperactive and the girl had brought the hamster again and JaNene had taken it out and was playing with it and Stephanie reminded me of what she'd done before, I started smacking it and screeching "HAMSTER! HAMSTER!"

See, told ya it wasn't really funny! But y'all know how it is when you're hyperactive from sleep deprivation, EVERYTHING is funny.

By the way, I now take a total of eight pills every day. Which sounds horrible, but four are multi-vitamins, two are for joints, one's the Prozac, and one's 24 hour Sudafed.

In other news, Joe may be going to Disney World with me! You know how awesome that would be, hitting Disney with my best bud? I'd love it SO much. We'd have to help out with the twins sometimes, but otherwise... it would just be an eighteen-year-old and sixteen-year-old free at Disney! So much better than just sticking with two ten-year-olds and three mid-forties, am I right? I'm so right.
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