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"When you were a kid, were you the worst and hide-and-go-seek ever?"

Spoilers for the latest episode of Numb3rs.

YAY COLBY! I missed the first few seconds because Dad was watching the end of Las Vegas, but still: COLBY!

Shit, is that Colby? Did the bad guy grab Colby? Nope, whew, just some random extra, that's all.

Yay for Colby going to talk to the shooter. And hee to the guy writing 'lawyer' on Colby's notepad.

"I was speaking in vernacular terms." Hah, oh, Larry.

"Is that supposed to be reassuring, Larry?"
"On the macro level, absolutely."

He really does love retreating into math, doesn't he?

Heh, Megan and Colby at a dojo!

I love how Megan demonstrated the moves on Colby, and then they did a little semi-bow to each other. I cracked up, I tell you what.

"I teach at the Y." This will NEVER stop being funny to me.

Mm, Colby look hot right here.

Wait, what? Colby killed McCall? Jeez. I like Colby's reaction, though. Just subtle enough to work, no overreacting like would happen with, say, Stabler.

And Colby's back to video viewing! That's his other specialty, besides being first on the scene and chasing people.

"Gets more down at his desk than the entire FBI."

"What's the first thing a New Yorker notices about LA?"
"No good pizza."
"Okay, the second thing: Everybody drives."

Nice one, went through Shane and into McCall. That's always fun!

"It may not be my fault, Don, but it's still my bullet."

"I see that your metaphors are beginning to get as obscure as Larry's."

Tesseract! I remember that from that one episode of Strange Days at Blake Holsey High!

"See, I do have a passing familiarity with geometry."

I love how at first he's staring at the bullet hole, then he fixes the math on the board.

"...and string."
"Lots of string." I love the way Charlie said that.

I want a screencap of the piece of paper that says COLBY. Hee!

"What do you mean, 'called in sick', I want Taggert in here!"
"I already sent Megan and David out to pick him up."

"And everybody seems happy about it but him. Never seen him shut down like that."

"When you were a kid, were you the worst and hide-and-go-seek ever?"

This guy arranged what amounts to a possible massacre of federal agents JUST to get a witness list out? Jesus Christ Almighty.

"You guys ever notice how criminal trials exhibit self blahblah criticality?" Dead silence, bwah.

Guy goes into a restroom. "I think that's your department."

Jeez, always with the families! Sheesh.

I love Colby and Charlie teaming up like that! Well, actually, I love Colby in general.

You know, the dark blue FBI bullet-resistant vests are not exactly good camoflauge.

HAHA! "This is the FBI."

This is SO much like that one NCIS episode.

"One button and the trailer blows up."
"I pull this trigger and your head blows up."

Aw, Colby/David bonding. And aw to Colby's story.

"So what are you going to do?"
"I guess that depends on how many more beers we have in that bag."
(So wanna write Colby/David slash now.)

"Hey. Where the hell did evidence response put the sugar?" AHAHA!

That's kind of cool. I'm so grabbing some spaghetti and trying it. I bet I can do it!

"Not every story has a point. Sometimes you just bend spaghetti to watch it break."

"That's not bending it. You just snapped it, you didn't bend it."

"Shall we get the boys?" Haha, I love that line!

That was a nice ending. Aw.

Next week!: Russian mob vs. the FBI. The Eppeses are in danger! David gets shot! JESUS CHRIST.
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