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"Get a dog you sick bastard!"

Vague spoilers for the latest L&O:CI.

I think this counts as one of my favorite LOCI episodes ever - Joey freaking out in interrogation with the "I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALALALA" thing was just so perfect. Joey in general was just so perfect. LOVE this episode. Yeah, "Cruise to Nowhere" is a top episode for me.


In other news, how can people still seriously watch L&O:SVU? I mean, have you folks SEEN the latest commercials? It's a total farce at this point.

Spoilers for the latest Crossing Jordan.

Any episode that open with Bug has to be good.

"Twenty-four hours without a body, has to be a record."

"How about I die of boredom, and you all autopsy me."

"What I don't get is, what do you have to clean when they're sealed in an air-tight enclosure?"
"Oh. Yeah."

"Oh what, you guys got something better to do?"

"She wants to get in touch, she knows how to dial a phone."

What's up with all these old guys dying right after getting stuff for their daughters/on their way to get stuff for their daughters?

"Go fish." Bwaha!

Uh. The kid is chained to the bench.

Well, that was totally creepy, even if it WAS expected, thanks to previews.

Dollars to donuts there's no Seely this episode. Also, WTF is up with that saying? "Dollars to donuts"? What does that even MEAN?

Well, I was right. No Seely. But yes, Jeffrey and - JD?!? Oh, man.

Haha, I love psychopaths. They're so terribly fun.

Bwah. "The windows are double-glazed, nobody can hear you."

They on a stakeout? It's weird. It's like... grown up Veronica and Logan. I mean, not in personalities like, at all.

Yay for chase scenes.

"You said go east!"
"That's east!"
"That's south!"

Haha, I love their expressions after the guy gets run over. I personally started cracking up.

"Finally, a real live dead body."

It's gonna match. And ding, it did.

Even when chained up, Macy's investigating the hell out of stuff.

Yay for creepy piano playing!

"Can we please not do this in front of the suspect?"

"So he's a villain with an accordian!"

See, I get where Lu's coming from. But I also get Jordan's side. Gr, I hate this.

Um, ew. Dissolving Macy. Not a good idea. (I wonder if he'd turn into alcohol when dissolved... I'm sorry! I'll shut up now.)

"Did I say something to upset you?" Haha!

Hormones are the devil. BWAHAHAHA.

He's going to make Macy cut Kyle's hormones out? Bwuh?

JD! VOICE OF JD! *dies* I miiiiiiss yoooooou!

Sugar lips. Oh, gag me.

"You're an ass, Brandau."

HAHA, I love Nige. Smacking the window and giving a 'what the hell?' gesture.

"Get a dog you sick bastard!" Oh, Macy, I love you.

Oh, JESUS ALMIGHTY! That's so gross. Ew. This would be the downside to psychopaths, by the way. In case you were wondering.

God, please don't be bringing up the old Bug/Lily shit, please. PLEASE. DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN LET'S NOT DO THIS TORTURE TORTURE PLEASE LET BUG HAVE MOVED ON OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN AND YES! Bug has a date with someone else! HOORAY! Whew.

That's a bit on the creepy side.

Haha, it's actually his grandfather who's dead.

"A little paranoid, aren't you, Pollack?"

I hope it's not against the law to miss JD, because if it IS, then I should be arrested ASAP. His hair got longer.

Dude, Macy! Quit staring at pictures, go and get the fuck out of there, Jesus Almighty. Or... are you still chained up to one wall?

Nice one, Macy! Counting! VERY nice!

Well, that was INCREDIBLY creep-tastic, I mean, WOW.

Bwaha, "Free Manny" shirt!

Aw. Manny really WAS a bad guy. That makes me sad. I liked him.

Ooh, Macy, ouch.

Well, at least he wasn't doing it for himself. That makes it better.

Haha, that was tricky Mr. Macy!

Dude, the kid knows how to work a gun?

Shit, man, he dipped his hand in the acid stuff, ouch!

MACY! Come on, Macy, you can win, you can do it!

Oh sweet Jesus. He hit an artery. That was so gross.

I love that Lu didn't gloat over being right.

Aw. This is a nice homecoming. Aw.

Well, I just missed everything Macy said, thanks to my mother reading a letter or something equally stupid.

Next week: JD is dead, and I am so pissed off at this show.
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