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"If this your idea of terms I'll understand, I'll kill you. Or myself. It's a toss-up."

Spoilers for the latest NCIS.

I love those red jumpsuits.

"Good God Almighty!" Hee!

Haha to the prisoner getting on Ziva's word-mistakes.

"My rock beat your scizzors."


"I have nothing to say."
"I find that hard to believe."

Haha to the guy being pissed off by Tony's talking about Top Gun.

Uh-oh, Ziva!

I thought only five people died in elevators per year? Well, only four to go!

"And one of the first times I didn't get us lost."

"That's like wearing a name tag in your own apartment!"

Crazy ninja skills! Bwaha!

"But she's got self control, right? Not a lot, but some? Never mind."

"I'll zig, you zag."

ABBY! Hee!

Haha, I love Abby snapping pictures.

"Wow. I don't think that's ever been said before."

"Why do I feel like everyone's staring at me?"
"...because they are."

Abby goes to Disneyland every summer!

HAH! to the socks! And Abby's uncle Larry.

"So assuming Ziva didn't kill him, he just dropped dead?"

"That's really beautiful, doctor."

"What's number one?"
"Actually, according to the study I read, infidelity- nevermind."

I love how Ziva can't sit still and keeps making noises.

"Well, I don't know Ziva, it's an autopsy, not an oil change."

HAH, this is so a flashback to "Frame Up". Swear to God. Ziva doing the Gibbs-Ducky convo while being under suspicion of killing a person, Tony doing his own interrogation... Come on!

Hee, Ziva didn't notice Gibbs! Bwaha!

"Ooh, maybe she really did kill that guy."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! "I'm not really sure that's true." Okay, I loved her in that scene.

I heart Cynthia. Just to let you all know.

"With the B-O-B."
"Uh, that's Congressman Bob Summers."

Tony's staring at Ziva.

Vulcan Death Grip! HEE!

TONY, bwaha. You amuse me so much.

"Yeah, boss, I was just-"
"Shut up."

Ziva just called her Jenny. They're totally lesbian lovers.

Cassie! Isn't that the chickadee from SWAK?

"Abby, he was a drug dealer."
"There is no excuse for poor foot care."
"You wear platforms, and I'm trying to work here."

Oh, Abs.

He doesn't care because he has no idea what that is, haha. And... me neither, really.

Ooh, accent. And he's named Alex! Mm. ...what? I'm sorry!

"Gibbs thinks of me as a wife."
"He's had three."

"You didn't break a window with a baseball, you kidnapped the head of a federal agency."
"Yeah, you got a point."

Oh, McGeek, don't even try. I doubt Ziva's feeling anything near what you felt, aight? It's sweet, but still.

"You put me on hold again and I will jump through this phone and strangle you!"

"McGee. No one ever doubted you."
"Just like those calls you're making aren't pointless."

Haha, all of those cars are exactly the same!

Aw, poor Stanley!

It IS SWAK!Cassie!

Haha, how's that for a picture? And hey, dudes, he's a serious psychopath! I totally love him now. Alex Rudd? Rutt? Something? I don't know?

What's next, are they pulling in Cassidy too? Special guest Paula for next episode? That would rock.

"Maybe you can take him there. In thirty or forty years."

Alex is totally hot. I'm sorry! He IS!

Him or your DEAD brother, anyways.

"I am being treated like a LEOPARD!"
"I believe the term is 'leper'."

"It wasn't a suggestion, Officer David." If it had been Tony - well, Tony wouldn't've needed Gibbs to say that, actually. Hah. Oh, Tony.

It can never be a simple cyanide capsule! Jeez.


"A watched mass GCS-"
"Never boils."

"Bite your tongue!" And he does.

"Not Gibbs rules, mine."

Haha, Tony turned over Death! That amuses me terribly much.

That's it, Madame D, play his sense of guilt since he's not a sociopath like my Alex.

"Well, I'd keep an eye on your business partner if I were you."
"Yeah, why's that?"
"Because it sounds like he's about to leave without you."

Whoo for her having gotten out of her bonds!

"He wants to know that you're still alive. Play nice, and you'll stay that way."

Oh shit. Leave it to the dead brother, man.

"Did Brian Dempsey say anything to you before you killed him? I mean, before he died?" Bwaha!

"Maybe she's cold." The LOOK from Tony, oh man.


"How do you know she's at an airp- she's at an airport."

"Hey. HEY! Come on."

Oh men, they're putting a corpse in the driver's seat? That's so WRONG.

I now hate this guy. He killed my Alex!

Ooh, send them an ear first! That would rule.

"Second stupidest thing I've ever done. Wanna know what the first thing was?"

"Yes, let's just tape the dead guy's hands to the steering wheel."


"Three and eleven."
"Two and ten. And that explain a lot."

"You sure this isn't the stupidest thing you've ever done, DiNozzo?"

"You know, I can't see where I'm going, I'm driving with my hands, and I still think I'm driving better than you."

"Tony, straight!" Shouldn't the punctuation there be a question mark?

DUDE! She has a gun taped to her back! That is so fucking sweet. Buuuut, not going to do a lot of good if she's cuffed. I hope she has another gun.


"It's actually a pretty interesting story."

I love the background Ducky'n'Jimmy talk. And I love that MD is beating herself up verbally and Gibbs hasn't said a single thing yet. And then he says, "Take a drink."

Aw, I love that little smile of his.

Well, that was remarkably bearable. And even GOOD. I think I'm coming around to Madame Director. Not enough to stop calling her that, though.

Next week: Terrorist plot! Gibbs in COMA?! *freaks out* Between this and VM's season finale next week, I hope y'all know that I will be a FUCKING NEUROTIC WRECK. Just so as you know.

Spoilers for the latest VM.

Firstly: The episode title? Wonderously cracktastic, yo. WONDEROUSLY. And now, le episode!

Previously: STAY AWAY FROM THE CRAZY LUCKY! Thumper got confessed into dust. Terrance Cook owed money. Lilly died by bad acting. Wait, what?

And of course, Aaron starts bragging about his acting career. And Harry Hamlin WAS Sexiest Man, that's hilarious.

NO? Bwaha. Oh, Aaron, you goddamn fucking jackass.

I love the reaction shots of V and Logan going all "Oh, you jackass."

"Easy-going Veronica Mars, eh? ...you know how fat men are sometimes called 'tiny'?"

"What do I have to do for a pie? ...I'm kidding. They're great." Oh, Gia. I love you.

"Did he just call me 'baby'?"

"Elementary, my dear Wallace. Any idea how long I waited to say that?"

"Could you guys tone down the adorable?"

"Peace? With a side of quiet."
And then she shuts him up with a hand gesture.

"Got a minute?"
"Not really."

"I need your help with algebra."
"Like... the math?"

Aw, poor Weevs. He should go ask Logan- OH SHIT! Guy with gun!

Wow, Lucky is totally psychotic.

"Guh-guh-guh-gia!" Oh, I love him.

He just spit while yelling at Jackie.

YAY WALLACE! Please be okay, Wallace!

They're blanks? Oh shit. OH SHIT, LUCKY.

I. Um. Well, you can totally tell that this is the second-to-last of the season.

Jeez, the Goodman. You KNOW you molested him.

"Look at that. His eyes are turning brown."


"It'd just draw attention to me. No-body likes a blonde in a hamster ball."

Keith is all tech-savvy. This is sort of hot. Um. YOU DIDN'T READ IT.

"I looked over his shoulder once when he was logging on."

"And we both know, if it came down to it... I could take out Gia."

"I'm so not touching his keyboard."

Wow, Logan, haven't washed or brushed your hair in a few days, have you?

"You know, if you had given Lilly the performance you gave in court today, she might've given you the Oscar."

"They keyed the wrong car? But how will Amber know that she's a bitch?"

"Hey... you."

OMG, Cassidy and Hart are BFFs! That's so awesome. I must write fic now! Or soon. Soon's good too. (...Cassidy/Hart OTP! Must make icons! AHAHA!)

MYSPACE DRAMA OH NOEZ! I can't stop laughing.

"We have, like, eighty computers." Haha, so like my house. Only we're not super-rich.

Mr. Clean is one of the emails. That amuses me greatly.


"Are you as smart as you think you are?"
"...I hope so."



"Ms. Mars... You find wealth and fame seductive, don't you?"

"You mean naked kissing with Aaron on top, gyrating?"

Oh, Lambykins. I love the interested look you gave. I adore you SO much.

"You're okay?"
"I mean... You're okay? Everything's okay?"

Oh, Lamby, I love the looks you give. You so are crushing on V.

"You don't want to take another couple of months to think it over?"


"So you know quadratic equations-"
"Do I LOOK like someone who knows quadratic equations?"

"If this your idea of terms I'll understand, I'll kill you. Or myself. It's a toss-up."

Oh, Mac, I love you.

"Okay, so you and your buddy buy a six-pack of spark plugs - I'm just kidding."

"Can you fly to New York, go to NYU, track down a student named Rick Pickett, and see if he was one of the bat boys Woody molested?"
"You know I don't fly coach."

"You wanna have this conversation in private, or should I just start talking?"

"Wait, how did you- Veronica?"

Goodman. Is. CREEPY. Shudder.

"I'm not a fifteen year old boy, Woody. You don't scare me."

Aw, yay! He's free!

...Terrance Cook is so totally fucking hot. I'M SORRY.

Ruh roh, it's Lobo. Aaaand Wallace takes Jackie away.

Jeez, Terrance is going to be the doorman for Lobo's casino? Shit almighty.

"Ain't epic love grand?"

"How unlike you. You never come to me out of the blue and ask me a random question."

"But there WAS this weird, semi-baseball related thing that happened this summer."

...Lucky had serious mental issues, what with the bleaching and stuffs.

Ruh roh.

LEO MENTION WHEE! And mention of Leo dating her! And wow, I never noticed that this could seem bad.

Finger-quotes. I want to

"Any more air-quotes and I'll break your fingers off." That wasn't good.

"I didn't understand what you were talking about!"
"That's not surprising."
"What? Are you saying you're smarter than me?"
"No. If I was saying that, it would sound like this: 'I'm. Smarter. Than. You.'"

"How 'bout you two geniuses go work out your aggressions in some closet and then come back here and teach me algebra?" Oh, Weevs.


There was a bomb under the Goodman's car! OH NOEZ.

Aw. Terrance is breaking my poor little heart.


His voice is weird.

"Is your ego really that enormous, that you can take the murder of eight people and make it about you?"
You know, Lambykins sort of has basis for this, what with Keith's trying to get him to arrest a cop.

Haha! He got immunity for it!

Why is the sheriff working the front desk? That ain't right.

YAY! WEEVS PASSED! Aaaand he's identified.

Aw, Keith called him Don! That's awesome! And I love that Lamb actually

Uh-oh. Verdict's in. Finals are over. Mayor's being arrested.

"You better enjoy this, because this is as nostalgic as I get."

"I'm gonna miss you."
"And my stupid-ass face?"

"This conversation never happened!"
"Sure it did."

How the hell did that boy fit a basketball into his locker? HOW?

Well, she's going to mess up that final, with THAT hanging over her head. Or, she's not even taking it.


She used a sticker to seal it.

Aw, Lambykins is sitting next to Keith!

I know what's coming, but I'm still... totally shocked.

My heart's pounding like all get-out, but... I mean, I KNEW this, I read spoilers. I KNEW this would happen. But I'm still totally "WHAT? HOW?"

Next week: FINALE OMG HYPERVENTILATE MUCH AAAARGH. Ahem. Mac crying! Duncan! Guy over cliff! Aaron confessing! HEARTSTOPPING NO SHIT.

You'll notice I'm using my one, my only, my Logan icon. Keyword are "sad Logan". Also, one of the first VM icons I ever made, right after "Credit Where Credit's Due".
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