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Cenel Stuff

Well, some issues with my earlier list: I'm sick, damn it. And am waiting for Tom to get online so that I may speak at him about, well, you all know.


So, Cenel talks to himself. And Morgan talks to people who aren't there. Why do I always end up making my characters insane? AND it's impossible to tell which is more like me. I mean, Morgan has my temper, randomosity, and general inane brattiness, but Cenel has my bookiness, my shyness, and my habit of talking to myself in my head. Oh, and he's an only child, who's dad is a workaholic, and who's mum has a job, but just a small one, and he's been basically raised by her.

He still ends up being alone in the house a lot, leading him to talk to himself (and the dog) to fill the silence.

So, now we have the basis of Cenel's personality. Yay.

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