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"Have you ever even seen a wheat field?" "...what's to see?"

Spoilers for the latest CSI:NY.

Like the music.

Run guy run! Catch the ferry! GOOO! Oops. Haha.

DANNY! You look so hot. Mm. You should go in the water more often. Although I bet it's freezing.

"The Mermaid Parade. The annual whacko parade every summer." One more reason to like Mac more than Grissom: Grissom would never call anyone whacko.

"Have you ever even seen a wheat field?"
"...what's to see?"


"I hate that part. It's like being in the morgue again."


"I think that answers the Boy Scout question."

And now we get yet another 'Lindsay is all personally effected and sad' moment. Although this time around it's more the music's fault than anything.

Hey, money!

Isn't the M.E. supposed to... I don't know, at least be there for this part? Anybody?

Husband and wife and wife. Bwaha.

"I'm not sure I can take much more."

Oh, so the M.E. DID do something.

Great. Lindsay gets to feel all personally involved now. I mean, more than she normally does when it's a dead girl between the ages of 18 and 28.

God, shut-up M.E. guy. We don't need YOU further fueling the Danny/Lindsay ship, thanks.

Flack! And they give me a Flack and Lindsay scene, not Flack and Danny. Screw you, folks.

God. I would've hated that sort of birthday party as a child.

Mm, Flack. There needs to be an episode where the camera is just focused on Flack's face for the entire episode. I would love that. I wouldn't be the only one, I'm sure.

Ew. That was gross.

"You ever have a threesome?" I love Hawkes's '...' look.

"Sid. Sid. Anything else?"

"Sid, I gotta go." Oh, my poor Hawkesy. Hee.

Whoa, that's cool headgear. I want!

"You were getting a little mermaid on the side." BWAHA!

That's great. Sleep with the mother of one of your daughter's friends during your daughter's eighth birthday party.

I don't really mind Stella taking it personally, because she has a fucking right to. Lindsay is just too over-sensitive, especially for the line of work she's in.

Would GSR still be on her hands after all this time? Wouldn't she have washed her hands in the meantime? I mean, duh?

Mac is kind of a jackass this episode. I mean, it's amusing, but still. And he totally just got slapped! I bet he was doing that on purpose, too.

I wouldn't mind being in a committed threesome with two guys. ...what? WHAT? Shut up, all of you.

It's times like these I miss the glass elevator.

And of course she's from Montana. Just so as Lindsay can feel even MORE personally involved.

Yay for the searching scene!

Commercials: Wait, what? They're pulling soda out of schools? My prediction is that there will be riots. Or kids will just bring their own sodas from home.

"Looks like he skipped assault one and went straight to murder."

Ooh, return to Pratt. Again.

Hooray for realistic PTSD stuff! And for Stella still having marks on her face.

Lava lamps! Hee! Oh, Hawkes, I love you.

The fridge? Who the fuck keeps a gun in the FRIDGE? ...I so would.

Hers, His, and Hers towels. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I am TOO amused by that.

"Maybe this threesome wasn't all that committed."

Haha, she's swabbing his shirt! That amuses me!

That's pretty awesome. The way evidence can see real, and totally isn't.

It's definitely that guy who was waiting for Lauren. He killed the dead guy so he could take his place.

Hey, they did it the same way that they told us to do it in police explorers! Say that they'd be more comfortable if he wasn't armed.

"Remind me to switch banks."

Dan and Don! YAY!

Overdramatic much, Danny?

Wouldn't SOMEONE see him carrying a corpse over to the river? Anybody?

"And so it goes." He sort of has that look on his face that some kids get when teachers/deans confront them and they don't know WHY they did it.

So he was holding a newspaper when he got shot? And that's what stripped the jacket? Um, crazy much?

"Ripped from the headlines!" AHAHAHA.

We still have eight minutes, they couldn't've solved EVERYTHING right now.

"Nope, we've got your blood."

So she killed him. Because she was second. Okay then. And because he laughed at her. Jeez. Psychopaths, eh? Woman scorned, eh? EH?

"And now I'm over it." Jeeeez. Psycho, am I right?

She's staring at her screensaver. Argh.

Haha, go Danny for telling the truth!

If I've said it once, I've said it A THOUSAND times: Lindsay, if you can't accept it, WRONG LINE OF WORK FOR YOU.

God, please don't tell her. I don't want her to have an answer. HAHA, YES! SCORE! Haha. Ahem. I'm better now, swear to God.

Hey, it's Adam! Hi Adam! And aw, to Adam being sure that Mac will catch Pratt. He's so NY's Greg. Actually, I want fic where they were buds back when Greg was in New York (per that one episode, when he was talking about different ways to take a drug).

Next week: AIDEN'S BACK! Only dead. Fuck. What kind of justice is it, that "Montana" gets to run around while Aiden's dead? NO JUSTICE AT ALL. But at least we get pissed off Danny, which is always nice.

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