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Rescue Me!

OH MY GOD. http://us.video.aol.com/video.index.adp?mode=2&pmmsid=1640563

I can't stop laughing. That shit is too hilarious. Probie believed in the Easter Bunny until Lou had a talk with him last year. And Garrity's weirdnesses (I especially love that if he spits on the sidewalk and it doesn't land in the crack, he has to keep spitting until it does).

"That phone never rings."
"You can only call that number from inside the house."
"So that means..."
"It's the wolf."
"Oh, shut up!"

And I love how Garrity wants to go get Franco's body while Tommy and Lou plan to just run away.

"I'm afraid of the dark!"
"You're afraid of- I've been in fires with you, you can't even see the back of your hand-"
"That's different! I'm getting paid for it!"
They turn on the light.
"Oh no no, I forgot, I'm claustrophobic!"
Turns off light.
"How can you forget you're claustrophobic?!"

And Garrity with his hockey stick and Probie with his... fork? Haha!

OMG, the alarm goes off, and everyone's injured. Hee!

Passerby: "Don't you guys usually have a dalmatian?"
Tommy: "Yeah, he, uh, ate it."

Oh, man. Is it May 30th yet?
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