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"He wanted me to tell you that he wants back as soon as possible, and that I can't have his desk."

Spoilers for the latest episode of Numbers.

Kick ass song. I feel like singing along to it, but I don't know the lyrics, so it ain't happening.

Hey, both of the guys in the car look vaguely familiar. Huh.

Haha, David KNOCKED THAT GUY DOWN. But I wanted more Colby chasing! He's the chaser!

Bwah to the kid managing to get past all these cars, only to be brought down by a bike.

Charlie's explaining phishing to his dad. That's kind of awesome.

Don got his money stoled, ruh roh.

Well, that's certainly... um, less threatening than kidnapping his agency's director. Bwaha. They kidnapped his money!

Don's trying to get the bank to believe him. Good luck, buddy boy.

Haha, mandatory two years, probably fifteen to twenty years.

Where's Colby? Off doing grunt work, I assume.

Classic Russian Mafia scheme. Um, okay.

"You know what they say about the Russians: They'll shoot you just to see if the gun works."

Whew, eight murders? In that short a time? Shiiiiit.

"Maybe we should remind them who investigates bank robberies."

"Hey, I'm all for giving up money and material posessions."
"Living like a monk?"
"No, like a grad student."
I think I adore Amita.

Charlie even goes into his analogies when nobody needs them. That amuses me. It's hilarious.

"No, whether he was St. Louis or Cleveland."
"He's so geographically challenged. Where is his conference?"
OMG. I AM Larry. I bet he thinks Boston is along the Great Lakes too!

"We're going to need your file and prints, too."

Oops. Two dead phishermen.

She didn't capitilize the 'd' in Don. That seriously annoys me.

AHAHAHA! "My Internet connection is moving- too... slow." Stares.

Charlie, I'm really not sure if you out to be teaching that right then.

Mm. Colby looks hot with the white collar poking out from his bulletproof vest. Tasty.

Well, shit. I did like the smart girl in Charlie's class who figured it out, though.

"Starting to get a feeling I haven't felt in a long time..." Aw, Colby has bomb-psychicness! Also, that line sounds like a song. Bwah.

Come on, folks, you gotta be writing Colby/David h/c fics after this. Come on! Please?

"He wanted me to tell you that he wants back as soon as possible, and that I can't have his desk."

"I know what happened, the Russian Mob just went to war with the FBI."

Multi-player game theory. I vaguely remember this from my books.

"You're equating the Russian Mob to a football team."

I love how Megan and Charlie know as much about football as, probably, Colby and Don. That amuses me.

Ooh, Charlie. You sneaky, sneaky boy. You should work with the fibbies full-time. If it wouldn't make your head explode.

Charlie, don't taunt the Russian mob. Buuut, that was hilariously cool. I'll have to remember that, should I ever become a professor and be stalked by the Russian mob.

They were stupid enough to leave a cigarette. Jeez, the Russian Mob these days. What hacks. (Heh. Pun.)

Aw, family squabble. "I'm RIGHT HERE." Charlie is still a little boy. Aw.

Haha, Colby did a run-by mention of Charlie, arguing for Charlie's side. That's so cute.

David's babysitting Charlie and Alan! HEE!

"You know, for a really nice guy, you've got two very stubborn sons."

"What's a nice mathematician like you doing in a garage like this?"
David/Amita. Huh. I can see it, and it fits in with my Charlie/Colby and Don/Larry ships. Of course, I also sometimes ship Colby/David and even, occasionally, Colby/Don, so... (And hell, Colby/Larry after that one episode.)

"Because there's a section there labelled 'Yuri Kovochenko Gang Theory'." Oh, David, I adore you.

Left-handed air hockey? Fun times! And of course Charlie gets the vital clue from it.

"You know what, the FBI's not the only game in town."

"Did something a little unconventional. I consulted a mathematician."
"What the hell?"

Don is going to SHOOT Charlie for going behind his back like that. Just wait.

"English, please, Charlie, come on."

Man, if I were Don, I'd have my brother and dad and brother's sort-of-girlfriend-only-not-really pulled into the FBI building until the investigation was over. Of course

"I didn't tell the FBI anything!"
"Relax, we know."
"But it's time to start."

Huh, that makes much more sense than him just being evil.

"They might, might leave their children."

Go Don! You were honest! Whoo-hoo!

Ocean's Eleven much? It's the voiceover and style of filming that makes me think it.

This is a pretty sweet set-up, dude.

Colby is so cute. I'm sorry, but I'm easily distracted.

"Now shut up." AHAHAHA.

Whoo, ATM-view. Fun times.

OH MY GOD. Sweet.

Haha, that's so sweet, taping the phone under the table there. So freaking awesome.

"My name is Professor Charles Eppes. Do you know who I am?" WHOA DUDE OMIGODS. That was SO hot.

Haha, no idea, huh? Really? Oh, I'm amused.

Hey, cool, we're seeing 'em suit up!

DUDE. GPS in the cars. Never actually saw it happening before, although I quite obviously knew it existed.

SWEET. "I wouldn't if I were you."

"All done for you, my friend."

HAHA! HE JUST GOT PUNCHED OUT! Oh, man, I love this episode.

"Oh, I see why you're hanging around..."

"Besides, you don't seriously think you'd get him to stop."
"...nah, I guess not."

"Come on Susie Homemaker!"

"I've never seen two brothers so completely different, yet so alike."

"You call me Chuck one more time..."
"How bout I call you Chuckie?"
"How bout I call you Donald?"
"How bout I call you nerd?"

NEXT WEEK: Phone number of a dead chick. AND OH MY GOD I THINK I JUST SAW GLORIA. And Colby manhandles Don, which is always a happy fun time.
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