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SATs went swimmingly!

And just like always, my worry was for naught. I mean, sure, I still had two paragraphs of my essay left to write when time was called. So what? I packed what I had written full of mythology and varied sentence structure, so THERE. The shocking part was that the math was all really, REALLY easy. I felt like I had been given the idiot's test. Maybe I just lucked out. THe only problems I had... well, problems with were the ones involving functions. That shit, I have NEVER gotten, and probably never will. Ditto negative exponents, the other questions I wasn't sure about.

I feel pretty damn good about it over all, though. And now comes the long, long, looooong wait to find out what I got. Of course, I remember back in the days when we had to wait for the results to be mailed to us, so I'll stop bitching now. Bwah.

Anyway, after the test (started at 8AM, ended at 12.30PM), me and mom went and ate at Chili's, then we went to GameStop. She got a Nintendo DS and I got some used games for my Gameboy Advance SP, including the Crash Bandicoot game I was addicted to a few years back. So fun.
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