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What I Done Did Tonight.

Went to this college thing tonight - had representatives from Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, and Penn. The guy from Penn cemented my plan to apply there (and cross my fingers that they don't laugh themselves unconcious when they read my application), the chick from Georgetown made me want to hit her (most annoying voice and mannerisms in the world, even my mother thought so), the lady from Harvard was nice and made me interested in Harvard (but I won't be applying), and the lady from Duke was pretty awesome, and I think I'll apply there too.

Also played this game my mom got the other day, "Brain Age". It's about doing simple math and reading aloud in order to increase your memory and brain power. Pretty cool idea. Of course, the initial testing was a little "ARGH!", since it informed me that my current brain age is 72 - 20 is the best score you can get. Yeah.

Anyway, the college thing went from 7.30PM till nearly ten, so I missed Crossing Jordan's season finale. So PLEASE, folks, no spoilers until after I can download it.
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