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Denis Leary on CF, and Dean Winters on YT

Denis Leary's on Craig Ferguson right now. He actually wrote the Probie's part specifically for Mike Lombardi, who he met through playing hockey (and said that he wasn't the brightest bulb on the ice, which made me grin).

Craig: "Now, I want to talk to you about your stand-up, but first we have to take a break."
Denis: "What? Where we going?"
Craig: "We have to sell stuff."
Denis: "Ooooh."

...Craig just asked Denis if he likes really big shoes. And Denis hates clowns because they like kids way too much. Lucille Ball freaks him out too - not in black and white, but in color - because when he was a kid he thought she was a clown's mom. And now, my favorite part of Denis-Leary-on-talk-shows - the promoting stuff scene! He shows about five of his own things, plus a CD and DVD that he's not even vaguely connected to but loves anyway.

On a similar note, I have two YouTube links I think y'all will appreciate. Behind the Scene Tour of Oz, Led by Dean Winters: http://youtube.com/watch?v=aVuGmkbu4Mc&search=%22dean%20winters%22 A Day in the Life of Dean Winters: http://youtube.com/watch?v=j44FFVfJhwU&search=%22dean%20winters%22 (Note, a couple of times the audio seems to cut out - that's Dean saying "fuck".)

My favorite part is all of the crew who immediately go "AAAH CAMERA!" when Dean walks in, and then hide. Also, the way Dean hugs like, half the people. I don't know why, but I never pictured him as a hugger. (This makes him, like, 50x more adorable, though.)

Now, shirts I want from tshirthell.com:
I'm Here to Kill You. Next time keep that chain letter going, In case of fire look on back (reverse) I said in case of fire dumbass, You'll regret reading this shirt when the sketch artist asks you to describe my face, WWJF for a Klondike Bar?, Go local sports team and/or college!, Stop clubbing baby seals, I <3 transitive pictograph verbalizations, Xenu is my homeboy, I know violence isn't the answer, I got it wrong on purpose, and Preguntame lo que dice esta playera (ask me what this shirt says).
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