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Distractions are a GOOD idea, damn it

A further attempt to move on from the episode I just watched: a meme!

In no particular order...

1. Veronica Mars
3. Crossing Jordan

Veronica Mars
1. "Not Pictured"
2. "Happy Go Lucky" (probably all-time fave)
3. "Silence of the Lamb"
4. "Ruskie Business"
5. "I Am God"

NCIS (try and figure out the common theme here)
1. "Twilight"
2. "SWAK"
3. "Chained"
4. "Bait"
5. "Boxed In"

Crossing Jordan
1. "There's No Place Like Home pt2"
2. "The Elephant in the Room"
3. "Murder in the Rue Morgue"
4. "Blue Moon"
5. "O Brother Where Art Thou"

Veronica Mars
1. Cassidy and Mac teach Weevil algebra, he wishes to kill himself (2.21)
2. Logan and Weevil form an even more gay "Breakfast Club" (1.07)
3. RT fools us into thinking Leo's a serial killer, when really he just plays drums and flirts with teenage girls (1.12)
4. Lamb smuggles the Donut across the border to the tune of "Four Leaf Clover" (2.11)

1. Kate gets her annoying-ass head SHOT! (2.23)
2. Tony interrogates himself (3.09)
3. Tony "really liked" Jeffery White (2.10)
4. SPOILERS!!!! for "Hiatus 1". Highlight to reveal. Tony will do whatever it takes, including acting like Gibbs, to get the job done (3.23)

Crossing Jordan
1. Matt goes to bat for Bug, against Macy, and also totally flirts with comforts Bug (5.11)
2. JD punches Woody (5.12)
3. Matt wandering through the background looking for the cat, not liking cats since they're like bad roommates, being a woobie about his dad, and sleeping on the couch (4.06)
4. The poem after the plane crash (4.08)

Veronica Mars
1. Keith: Easy-going Veronica Mars, eh? ...you know how fat men are sometimes called 'tiny'?

2. Veronica: Why would a man confess to a crime he didn't committ?
Cliff: Because he's crazy?

3. Veronica: I cannot escape Tom Cruise.

1. Random guy: NCIS anything like CSI?
Tony: Only if you're dyslexic.

2. Tony: DiNozzo. Big "D", little "I", big "N", little "ozzo".

3. Abby: Thank you, sir.
Gibbs: Don't call me sir.
Abby: Yes, ma'am.

Crossing Jordan
1. Seely: Oh it’s just a cat!
Lily: Cats are beautiful and affectionate.
Seely: When they want something. Otherwise they’re like the bad roommate. They live in your house eat your food, but try getting a ride to the airport out of them.
Lily: We are not having this conversation.

2. Nigel: So if I killed my husband, where would I stash the body?
Jordan: If you killed your husband you'd have to start in the closet.

3. Walcott: We met for a drink...
Garret: And one thing led to a mother?

In other news, VM's season finale is turning into beautiful fodder for LOL (game, not action).
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