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Spoilerific VM babbling, plus fandom meme!

Just went over to http://www.fuzzysquid.com/LJ.php, and the second image that came up was an icon of the "My NAME is CASSIDY!" scene. Sniff. That made me sad all over again. So does looking at the parts of my mood theme that has him - such as the one I'm using right now. Also, I feel a little creeped out. HOWEVER! I think "Not Pictured" has cured me of wanting to redeem villains. I was just thinking back to my Sky High OC fanfic, and how I was planning to make Lash good over the course of the story, and I realized... I so don't want to now. Good thing or bad thing, you be the judge.

In other news, looking back at some of the early s2 episodes, it is SO EFFING OBVIOUS that Cassidy was evil. Firstly: Dick's "Casa de Killer" comment. Think for a sec. "Casa de Killer"... "Cassidy killer". Also, Big Dick complains about SCRATCHES on the CAR (he thinks they're from a valet, but still). And listen to the lyrics of the song that plays at the end of NitW.

It's all so obvious now! *flails*

Also, Beaver caused 9/11.


List your fandoms and your favorite character, ship, and episode from each.

Fandom: Oz
Character: Ryan O'Reily
Ship: Ryan/Murphy (Ryan/Alvarez and Ryan/Beecher come really damn close, though)
Episode: "A Game of Checkers"

Fandom: 21 Jump Street
Character: Doug Penhall (it nearly killed me, picking between him and Mac)
Ship: Mac/Doug (Mac/Joey is a close second)
Episode: "Brothers"

Fandom: Numb3rs
Character: Colby Granger
Ship: Colby/Larry (my two fave characters, come on!)
Episode: "All's Fair"

Fandom: Crossing Jordan
Character: Matt Seely (dur)
Ship: Seely/Bug (but I also enjoy Matt/Woody, Matt/Jordan, Matt/Nigel, Matt/Lu... Anything but Matt/Lily, really, is awesome)
Episode: "The Elephant in the Room"

Fandom: CSI
Character: David Hodges
Ship: Hodges/Greg
Episode: "Gum Drops"

Fandom: CSI: New York
Character: Sheldon Hawkes
Ship: Danny/Flack
Episode: "Heroes"

Fandom: In Justice (despite it being fairly dead)
Character: Charles Conti
Ship: Bubba (Jon)/Brianna
Episode: "Badge of Honor" (I cried my effing heart out at that ending)

Fandom: Law & Order: CI
Character: James Deakins
Ship: Actually, I'm fairly happy without a ship here. Weird.
Episode: "Cruise to Nowhere"

Fandom: NCIS
Character: Tony DiNozzo (Jimmy Palmer is up there, too, because I adore my autopsy gremlin)
Ship: Tony/McGeek
Episode: "Hiatus, Pt. 1", actually.

Fandom: Rescue Me
Character: Mike "Probie" Siletti/Johnny Gavin (true and honest tie, I refuse to pick one over the other)
Ship: Probie/Garrity
Episode: Uh. I'll go with the first one, because the ending made me sob like a tiny baby when ghost!Jimmy leaned over and picked up ghost!girl. Also, I have a hard time seperating the episodes out in my mind, because all the storylines flow together so well.

Fandom: Veronica Mars
Character: Leo (Lamb is close runner-up)
Ship: Veronica/Leo
Episode: "Happy Go Lucky"

Fandom: Wanted
Character: Jimmy McGloin (almost three way tie between him, Eddie Drake, and Rodney Groenbeck)
Ship: Eddie/Jimmy
Episode: "Shoot to Thrill"

Fandom: Wonderfalls
Character: Aaron Tyler
Ship: Aaron/Eric. Yeah, I know, I take the two guys of the series and put them together. What is WRONG with my BRAIN?!
Episode: "Crime Dog"

I find it interesting that I get iffy on everything except favorite episode choices. Huh.
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