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"We're the only white people in here." "Yes, we are."

Spoilers for the latest Numb3rs.

I missed the beginning, thanks to Dad watching Las Vegas, but - OMG. COLBY IS SO FUCKING HOT I THINK I JUST DIED OMG. Must download episode ASAP.

Haha, Charlie vision. He amuses me.

Hm. Body-in-water is alive. Iiiiinteresting.

"I don't think they were out for a swim." No shit.

Mm, Colby.

Is that Amita? She looks WAY different.

Haha, Larry. Larry is totally seasick. Between this and the geographically-challengedness, I am SO Larry.

"Sure, why not? It can be like... a math date!"
"I like that. Maybe there's still hope for us."

So body in the water probably WON'T be alive much longer.


Colby didn't know that sea water accelerates dehydration. Oh, Colby. I thought you were smart!

HAHA! I love Colby's look after David totally flirted with Gloria.

Great. More Charlie/Amita. I actually like them, but only in their hermetically sealed math enviroment!

"Are you asking me out on a non-math date?"

His hair is waaaay curly in this scene.

Whoa, assistant-professorship at Harvard. That's pretty good (I'm assuming).

"It's a three year appointment."
"Massachusetts Harvard."

Bwaha, Megan.


Great. This is supposed to be my math class, not science class! Or international relations, for that matter. Or politics.

Race track as compared to ocean currents. Now THIS is what I'm talking about!

...Colby also doesn't know what the I Ching is. Jeez. He really caught the stupid today.

Wow, that was a little dark, Colbes.

I love Colby-and-geeks scenes. They rock.

Charlie's a code-breaking machine. So true.

"No, we're only looking for one." Don, shut up and quit acting like Grissom from CSI.

"Wait, wait, how do you mean?" I love Charlie's look when he says that, because that is EXACTLY how I look when I don't get something.

You might've wanted to inform the FBI before calling the number all willy-nilly, ya know.

Well. Um. That's a little dark. BTW, I'm so doing that when I get older. Tattoo a phone number - or! An email address! On the bottom of my foot, and set up the email to respond to any incoming (non spam) emails with a "I am dead" message. Sweeeeeet. Erm, what?

God, I swear I know this guy. BUT FROM WHERE?! He vaguely resembles Mr. Wu, but that's not it.

8x40 foot container, 20 people. Jeez. That's not fun.

Hey, it's Alan!

And dang it, Alan, could you please speak up a little? I can't hear you over the sound of the laundry room (which I'm seated next to).

I like this song. Also, I can totally tell Colby by the shilloute of his head. I realize that's pathetic, but it's true.

Colby's shorter than David, who is shorter than this guy.

Haha, this reminds me of that one episode of CSI:NY.

Wow, for something that they're keeping "under wraps", they're sure telling everybody about the girl having bird flu.

Hey, Colby talking about warrants! Haha, he hardly ever does that.

"I'm sorry, did you just say algorithm?" HAHAHA.

I SO knew that he had helped design it. Because Charlie does everything math-related in the universe.

"That wasn't a threat."

"Wait, you're serving drinks to that kid?"
"He said he was twenty-one."

Haha, Colby's chasing! In a car! Oh, Colbes. Of course, I would've prefered Colby to do the flying tackle, but it's still awesome.

"Why do they always run?"
"Because we wear suits. They figure they can out-run a guy in a suit."

Commercials: "increadible" journey. Oh, news people. Please to be finding a spellchecker, yes? Especially for titles about people graduating college with honors. Get one of THEM to spellcheck, at least.

Can't the FBI afford a translator?

"We work well together, don't we?"
"Actually, you're a little bossy."
Haha, SO true.

Also true, Amita, also true.

"I love this part." Hee!

"Pretty twisted version of the American dream."

Haha, another strip club. I remember the kerfluffle after the last one, I hope Colby and David behave themselves this time.

Colby: "We're the only white people in here."
David: "Yes, we are."
HEE! I so need to make an icon of that.

Well, that was unsubtle. I mean, jeez.

"It's another one running!"

"Where's the container?"
"I want my lawyer."
"That wasn't the question."

Commericals: mystery illness strikes fourteen staffers of an elementary school, school shut down. Well, that's highly ironic timing, given this episode with the bird flu.

I love how Megan and Don are all fighting over how to run this, and Colby's looking back and forth like a kid whose parents are fighting.

"Granger, tell me why we only care about these girls when there's a chance their customers might get infected?" Colby doesn't respond, smart Colby.

Haha, I love how fast Colby moved to grab Don.

"The look, I know all your looks."
"...have you been conferring with my father?"

I LOVE that jacket on Colby, have I mentioned?

Well, that bullet hole was rather convenient, wasn't it?

"She was so damned competitive!"
Hee, I like that.

Interesting outfit choice, Charlie.

Aw, Charlie. Amita. You guys are breaking my little heart. Don't go, Amita! I know we've had our differences, but please, don't go! Aw! No! Poor Charlie!

Haha, Don beats his dad at cards!

"No, no, it's my deal!"
"You're cheating!"

"Aw, come on, man, Bruins season tickets!"

"Are you all right?"
"I'm not sure about that, either."

Awkward moment, and then Don and Alan start chatting about Red Sox.

Next week!: Alan gets shot! Charlie hallucinates! Don... gets stabbed in the neck with a syringe! Oh, EW.
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