Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

So, I had this crazy VM/Oz fic idea...

Somebody out there on the intarwebz needs to write a Veronica Mars/Oz crossover in which Cassidy does not commit suicide, and instead gets sent to Oz (due to his age and extenuating circumstances, he was given life without the possibility of parole and not the death sentence). Because of his age, McManus wants him in Em City. And can you imagine Cassidy - that crazy, crazy kid - and Ryan O'Reily, teamed up? That would so rock.

Or! An AU where Logan gets convicted of killing Felix, and goes to Oz. Or! Weevil in Oz, after killing Thumper. Or, hell, Duncan in prison for kidnapping and murder-for-hire! Why the hell not?

After seeing Gloria on Numb3rs today, I so want to watch some Oz. ...would it be too much if I watched "A Game of Checkers" for the fifth time, when I've only watched the rest of season one once? Oh well. I don't much want to watch any episodes after Keller exists, which rather drastically limits my choices.
Tags: fanfiction, oz, vm

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