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STUPID ------!!!!

Alright, ya know how I said I was getting off? I lied. My melatonin (sleeping pills) don't kick in for a half hour, and good luck trying to get me to fall asleep til then! I haven't read many fanfics in the past few days. I've been RPing in Ansible MOO as Verris Aegeon. I come up with the weirdest names sometimes. Oy...

And now for a rant:

ARRRGH!!!!!!!!!! STUPID ------!!!! (name blanked out so noone can blackmail me). Come ON! We've gone to school together since I moved here 5 _YEARS_ ago, you'd think he'd notice that I like him! I know! It's all that lacrosse, it's rotted his mind! That must be it! Okay, so not. GRRR!

Question: How would you let a guy know you like him, when you have no confidence what-so ever and are pretty sure he thinks of you in the same "affectionate" way you feel to mentally handicapped 3 year olds? If you know the answer, _TELL ME_!! Please!

And I _REALLY_ should go now before I fall asleep on the keyboard. Sayoonara.

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