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"My gut tells me we're missing something."

Spoilers for the latest NCIS.

Previously: Ping Ping made the hot undercover NCIS agent and Gibbs go big 'splody. HotGuy died, Gibbs went into a coma and dreamed up some backstory. And then woke up and didn't know the Duckster.

You know, I must say, Ziva's part of the credit sequence is definitely the best. I think it's because Cote de Pablo moves the smoothest of all the actors - every motion she does has a sort of fluidness to it, so sliding the clips by like they do especially suits her. And yeah, I'll say it, she's totally hot. I'd hit that.

"The last time someone forgot me, I was a baby." His mom left him on a bus? Bwahaha! That amuses me.

"I remember the T-shirt." Such a Gibbs answer.

Huh. I do like how they're dealing with the possible nitpicks people'd come up with, although I bet this is bringing up a few other nitpicks.

"Happens every time Gibbs slaps me on the back of the head."

Yay! They brought up that McGeek told Tony about the car crash.

Aw, Tony and Abby looked totally sad about Gibbs not remembering them.

Aw, Tony! I love how he jumped up

"And if I did?"
"Then you would be a fool, and you are no fool, director."

"Then, what are you saying?"

Aw, she totally complimented him. He's such a little kid.

Kelly'd be five years older than me. She could drink! Um, sorry, that was random.

It's so awesome that Ducky knows that

"Maybe he was looking for his laundry."
"This is serious, Abby!"
"Look at the pot calling the kettle black. I got that right, didn't I?"
"I did!"

Hah! TONY stopping ZIVA from talking about movies. That's amusing.

"He won't talk-"
"Try torture."
"He won't talk-"

"DINOZZO'S rule number three." BWAH.

Wait a sec. Is that... Is that HotGuy? Is he really Ping Ping? Or- I'M SO CONFUSED ARGH.

Aha, official date for Gibbs-NCIS-joinage! Suhweet. Let's just hope they don't fuck with that later, although they totally will.

Haha, that is TOTALLY what my dad would've done upon waking up. I love it.

OMGWESTMORELAND*DIES* And I love his flirting with the lady.

Haha, she called him a pendajo! Oh, I'm amused.

And he's also a misogynist, which amuses me. I mean, it's bad, but it's still funny as hell.

So, wait. McGeek has to be 29 and 33, right? Maybe? Or he was a prodigy child who went to high school early, which is possible.

"In front of your what, McGee?"

"And where were you fifteen years ago, Abby?"

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you, I added sound."

"Did I make another idiomatic mistake?"

"You left out that Ping-Ping Pullah means rice paddy dike, but other than that, damn good summation, Ziva." Bwaha!

"Did I marry again yet?"
"Three times."

"...you're an ex-wife?"
"God, no."

Oh, God, shut UP MD, you saying 'making love' makes me nauseous, and I LIKE you. So please, continue with the stopping. PLEASE.

Aha, now the part I saw on Craig Ferguson! Hooray!

Man, I hope Gibbs gets his memory back and NEVER EVER CRIES AGAIN. It breaks my heart and upsets me and freaks me out. I mean, it's GIBBS.

A steak and french fries! Haha, I adore you, old!Gibbs.

Aw, Gibbs remembers him!

"You got old, marine."
"You looked in the mirror lately?"
"If you hadn't just been in a coma..."
OMG! Gibbs really WAS just like Tony! And more importantly, Gibbs treats Tony like he was treated. Which says something.

"You left the sniper folder on your desk so that I could-"
"-join NIS."

"I investigated crime scenes. You schlepped."

"I didn't quit, I retired."

...Gibbs said he was sorry. And he totally fashioned himself after Mike.

"What kind of partner?"

"It's against the law to smoke in any public building."
"You're kidding!

"They don't use explosives to shoot people out of canons?"
"A man of your age and education... Really, Mr. Palmer."

"Carried a passport with him. Although, today, one wonders why..."

HotGuy is Pin Pin Pullah. DAMN IT ALL. He was too hot to be evil... which, really, should've been my first damn clue, right?

Haha, Gibbs ran. And Mike totally helped.

I love that he knows it was a hijacking without remembering what happened.

Hey, no TV at his beach place. He REALLY IS Gibbs.

Well, damn. HotGuy - um, Pin Pin - just did something with blinking lights.

Commercials: a dog saved a nine year old boy! That's different than the usual. Opposite, actually.

"It is not a threat, I WILL kill you if you lie."

"That's not loaded, is it?"
"Would Gibbs let Ziva take a loaded weapon in there?"
"And I'm not Gibbs."

"Yes, yes, he ran-"

"Muster, not mustard."

"My gut tells me we're missing something."
"Yep, Gibbs."

Never grab a sleeping marine, you idiot!

"You always finish people's sentences?"
"Only when I'm in a hurry."

"Well, try harder! Good, that's a start."
"The old Gibbs stare!"

HAHA! OMG! The head slap made him remember!

Ziva crying is very unpretty. Although it's fitting that both Kate and Ari got little viewings this episode.

I bet that's the first time she's cried for it.

Haha, I love that

"Well yeah, DiNozzo, I know. That's why I'm so pissed."
"You didn't forget me!"

"Pin Pin Pullah is an arrogant son of a bitch!"

"Is everyone up there as STUPID as you?!"

Well, damn. Bureaucracy really does kill.

Gibbs, you so better fucking not quit oh my God I'm going to effing shoot you if you quit you bastard God damn it NO I'M GOING TO FUCKING CRY NOOOO THIS CAN'T WORK OH GOD STOP PLEASE NO.

I love how he goes around and gives them all their own little personal moments. Aw. And leaves with semper fi, just like Mike. And then goes to Mike's beach.

I almost waited for 'next week, on NCIS'. Sniff. SEPTEMBER, HAVE THEE COME YET?!?!
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