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"His method was flawed."

"To us."
"Whoever the hell we are."
"To what we're becoming."

I adore her brother, who totally needs to be a regular next season. I'd watch that shit, yo. He's hot. I now ship Russ (and/or Kyle, what-the-hell-ever) with Zack. BECAUSE I CAN. And, they're cute.

Spoilers for the latest CSI:NY, and a warning that I spaz out all OVER the fucking place.

So, everybody ready for some Flack barbeque? All right, let's get this partay STARTED!

Murder at the block party, everybody's invited!

Okay, I love the Montana-Wyoming joke. Maybe I'm warming up to her. That would be nice, since she's not going anywhere.

Wait, is Mac going boom too?

HAY GUYZ! You wanna maybe have a gun? One of you? When going into a place that probably wasn't cleared already?

Coulda done without the heart-pounding close up on Lindsay, kay thanks?

DUDE. I knew Flack was going boom, and Lindsay'd get some hurtage, but Mac got 'splody too? Haha, that's like... all of Danny's peeps, depending on how you ship. Awe-freaking-some. We're gonna get some quality angst out of this shit. (Most, sadly, will be of the Danny/Lindsay persuasion.)

Whew, it wasn't too mushy a moment. And Stella's the one hanging around her, Danny dove right in after his boyfriend to the building to find his friends.

Dean-guy is hot. I like him. I bet he's evil, damn it. And I like how the feds coming in was all realistic and stuff.

SHE CALLED HIM DON. Ahem. Sorry. I'm good now.

Aw, poor worried smuffy Danny! Hugs for my Danny boy.

Eek, crashing stuff! *worries*

Was that just wiring, or what? What was it?

FLACKY! Oh my God. He looks dead. He can't be dead. NO. I WON'T LET FLACKY DIE. He got hit by a copier. Oh my God. Well, at least blood still flowing, he's gotta still be alive, right? RIGHT? *cries*

Oh, man, I thought MAC was the one having flashbacks this episode, not me having flashbacks to Black Hawk Down. Oh God. OH GOD. He was SHOVING HIS SHIRT INSDE FLACK. INSIDE HIM.

I like how it was a younger voice in the flashback.

See, he totally doesn't have feelings like that for Lindsay, there was less emotion in his voice calling her than there is when talking to Hawkes.

Random shot to Dean, yeah he's evil.

Whoa, the doctor is totally hot. But looks a little like Chip from Ehnsis.

Oh God. I really don't want to see them PULLING THINGS OUT OF FLACK. That giant gaping hole can't be good for anybody.

Who's dead guy? Not the kid in with Flack and Mac, right? Some other guy?

And he's talking to dead kid like he's my Flacky.

I love that Hawkes is all calm about "Oh, yes, the trigger may have ended up in Flack's BODY", because Hawkes totally WOULD be calm about that. He's not a panicker.

I love all the extra shots of phones this episode, just to make sure we know that CELL PHONES CAN KILL YOU BY GOING 'SPLODY!

Dean did it. I TOLD YOU.

Oh, wait, no. Nevermind. But I still bet Dean done did it.

All of a sudden I'm glad that I haven't charged my cell in a while. Because WHOA.

I bet turning it on remotely is gonna make it boom.

And hey, this reminds me of that Crossing Jordan episode! The guy who made the train go boom to show that they weren't ready for an attack and accidentally killed all those kids.

"The sentry? And no one told us?"

"Bomb squad's not too happy you're doing this."

Watch it plays music or something. Bwaha. But no, because then we'd never solve this case. And that would be BAD.

Can't they trace the number of the phones that are the trigger, see who purchased them? Or, um not? I'll admit I know nothing about this.

Hey! It's British DNA lady! Jane? Yes? Maybe?

A schizophrenic in the National Guard? Yeah, that's... not so much happening, probably.

She's a criminalist, not a criminologist, Mac!

Aha! Told y'all that he wasn't in the Guard.

I doubt DHS has such pretty graphics, really. It's the government after all.

Somebody better be screencapping those shots, I want info!

No shit USMC rejected him! He's a schizo, doesn't he KNOW that?

I TOOOOOOLD YOU THAT IT WAS DEAN. I TOLD YOU. AHAHAHAHA. The director needed to not be a dumbass and freaking TELL US THROUGH CAMERA SHOTS who the bad guy is. At least, you know, if we want suspense over that part of it. Also, casting director, eff you.

Let's all remember, there's no such thing as a bullet PROOF vest. Just bullet resistant.

Also, if they add on SHOOTING a main character after blowing two up, I will be hella pissed. Now, FedLady, that I wouldn't cry over.

Mac better be smarter than I think he is, or I'm going to be mad.

Wow, this guy is seriously. Um. Nuts is the word I'm looking for, yes? Yes? Okay. Just making sure.

And boy, was THAT a terrible search! That, like, wasn't even standing modified. That was just... crap.

Where's Danny? He should be there! At Flacky's bedside! PLEASE!

"His method was flawed."

I love that Mac remembers the exact time. It's the little things, folks!

Well, I liked that Danny was the last one through and paused before entering the hall, and then the stare through the window... Aw.

And Stella gets coffee, Hawkes goes to talk to the doctor, and... shit and hell, Danny and Lindsay leave together OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?NO! If they shove in a Danny/L moment, I will fucking KILL.

He HAS to go and reenact the scene from his flashback. And of course, Flack reallyd oes squeeze his hand, because that's what had to happen. I like that he didn't wake up, though. That was nice. I liked it.

I need to stop waiting for "Next week on..." shit. IT'S SEASON FINALE WEEK, DUMBASS!
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