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I art a moron

Well, I sent an e-card to Tom. Yup. So... I'm screwed. Yup. I don't really care at this point and anyway, he prolly won't check his mail for a week or two.

Even so, I'm screwed.

Oh well, had to happen sometime. And I sent the cheesiest e-card ever made. Yup, sure did.

And I can't get that stupid Rushlow song out of my head. It's very rarely that a song fits my love life (or lack-thereof) so perfectly. And it's such a good song.

"You can run to me, you can laugh at me,
Or you can walk right out that door.
But I can’t just be friends anymore."

Mmm-hmm. Right then. So, off to Spanish in a couple of mins, then to World Civ (I really need to do that Great Zimbabwe essay...)

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